Breakthrough in Maine! 36% Ron Paul’s Strongest Results So Far

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul’s massive momentum continues! On the heels of a strong second-place finish in Minnesota earlier this week, Ron Paul just had another near-victory in Maine. The Congressman secured an amazing 36% of the vote, by far his highest percentage in the race up to now.

While Ron Paul had been a favorite to win the state, Mitt Romney’s money machine desperately scuffled for a last-minute win in an effort to paper over the Governor’s three disastrous losses in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado earlier this week. Unfortunately that strategy paid off and Mitt Romney just barely overtook Ron Paul for a 39% first place finish.

  1. Mitt Romney 39.2% (2,190 votes)
  2. Ron Paul 35.7% (1,996 votes)
  3. Rick Santorum 17.7% (989 votes)
  4. Newt Gingrich 6.2% (349 votes)

(Final results with 83.7% of precincts reporting — see explanation at bottom of post)


Why are only 83.7% of precincts reporting? Could the official results still change?

Washington County (pop. 32,856) postponed its caucuses due to the threat of 1-3″ of snow (which did not materialize). They will be voting next Saturday. However, Maine GOP Executive Director Michael Quatrano announced that the official results are permanent and will not be changed when the new votes come in.

Washington County GOP Chairman Chris Gardner objected, saying he had known his county’s tally wouldn’t be included in Saturday’s announcement but didn’t realize it wouldn’t be counted at all. He said he had called state party leaders and “expressed my complete and utter dismay.”

Some have called Washington County a “Ron Paul stronghold” that could have propelled Ron Paul to a Maine victory. Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton suggested that the Romney campaign was involved in the cancellation of the caucus as Paul’s campaign had expected to do well: “It’s not completely insidious, but they knew we were going to swamp it up there.”

In 2008 Ron Paul got 8 out of 113 votes (7%) while Mitt Romney received 40 out of 113 votes (35%) in the county. If Romney had remained stagnant at 40 votes and Ron Paul had received an additional 227 votes (+ 8 ) in Washington County, Paul would have won Maine.

  • I heard a prediction that Romney would win by 200 votes yesterday. I guess they have one of those Diebold crystal balls.

  • everytime this news boy talks to ron paul he always looks gutted and stone faced. haha


  • Such an awesome speech. One of the best so far.

  • Wolf’s toughest question for ron!
    Why salt is salty?
    Why sugar is sugary?
    Why water is liquid?
    Do you think mitt romey will win the nomination?
    Do you think rick santorum is the front runner?
    Do you think newt gingrich will win most delegates?
    Do you think obama is black and deserve a 2nd term?
    Why dont you stop the campaign and stop exposing us?
    very tough questions. Thankyou ron, we will fairly cover your campaign. Thank you for watching CNN and i will spill the same old propaganda tomorrow.

  • They have been rioting in greece, on and off for two years. multiple union strikes, protests, rallies, and a full blown riot in 2010

  • And the messed-up part about everything is the media is STILL going to ask Ron Paul to run for 3rd Party…..they just don’t get it!

  • Is it still possible that Ron Paul can win this?

    I’ve lost all hope otherwise…


  • Ron Paul and his army of steamrollers can’t be stopped. Elections won’t stop what’s happening.

    Their days of enslaving and threatening my family, neighbors, and countrymen are over.

  • if ron paul does not win 2012 the us will fall everone should be able to see that so everyone should vote for him

  • Fuck you mitt romney

  • Is he implying Europe is evil in this video?

  • He is my President, and needs but say the words.

  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    A rational human being, religious or not, had to be disturbed when they detected the grumble of booing rising to greet the Golden Rule during the gop debate.

    What was the meaning of the underlying message?

    I have pored over quite a few possibilities in an effort to understand, and I think I have solved the riddle. When Mr. Paul reads the Declaration of Independence, he can see Mr. Jefferson’s spirit beckoning the evolution of humanity to fulfill the romantic ideal that Mr. Jefferson’s imagination put into words.

    Regrettably, far too many Republicans cannot see beyond their party’s senior advisors’ intransient policy sheets.

    Mr. Paul has had evolved so far beyond his own party, that they cannot identify the morality, that they have always claimed to support.

    (Romney edges Santorum in Iowa, and Mr. Paul in Maine)

    we see

    T Kosciuszko

  • I saw this speech live. It brought a tear to my eye. Ron Paul dropping a different kind of bombs!

  • You can vote for Ron Paul if you want to,
    Leave your friends behind!
    cuz your friends dont support Ron Paul,
    and if they don’t support Ron Paul,
    They’re no friends of mine!

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  • Who is so stupid enough not to vote for Ron paul …..

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  • Oh that would have been awesome, just 200 votes difference?