Breakthrough in Maine! 36% Ron Paul’s Strongest Results So Far

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul’s massive momentum continues! On the heels of a strong second-place finish in Minnesota earlier this week, Ron Paul just had another near-victory in Maine. The Congressman secured an amazing 36% of the vote, by far his highest percentage in the race up to now.

While Ron Paul had been a favorite to win the state, Mitt Romney’s money machine desperately scuffled for a last-minute win in an effort to paper over the Governor’s three disastrous losses in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado earlier this week. Unfortunately that strategy paid off and Mitt Romney just barely overtook Ron Paul for a 39% first place finish.

  1. Mitt Romney 39.2% (2,190 votes)
  2. Ron Paul 35.7% (1,996 votes)
  3. Rick Santorum 17.7% (989 votes)
  4. Newt Gingrich 6.2% (349 votes)

(Final results with 83.7% of precincts reporting — see explanation at bottom of post)


Why are only 83.7% of precincts reporting? Could the official results still change?

Washington County (pop. 32,856) postponed its caucuses due to the threat of 1-3″ of snow (which did not materialize). They will be voting next Saturday. However, Maine GOP Executive Director Michael Quatrano announced that the official results are permanent and will not be changed when the new votes come in.

Washington County GOP Chairman Chris Gardner objected, saying he had known his county’s tally wouldn’t be included in Saturday’s announcement but didn’t realize it wouldn’t be counted at all. He said he had called state party leaders and “expressed my complete and utter dismay.”

Some have called Washington County a “Ron Paul stronghold” that could have propelled Ron Paul to a Maine victory. Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton suggested that the Romney campaign was involved in the cancellation of the caucus as Paul’s campaign had expected to do well: “It’s not completely insidious, but they knew we were going to swamp it up there.”

In 2008 Ron Paul got 8 out of 113 votes (7%) while Mitt Romney received 40 out of 113 votes (35%) in the county. If Romney had remained stagnant at 40 votes and Ron Paul had received an additional 227 votes (+ 8 ) in Washington County, Paul would have won Maine.

  • Ron Paul won this one guys. There’s 1800 votes missing.
    Ez0pxyGqpTE < << Copy/paste into youtube. RON PAUL 2012


  • This video has the greatest like to dislike ratio, it clearly shows the support Ron has, congrats!!!!!

  • Even in his own campaign, Ron Paul saves money and gets the most bang for the buck. Go Ron Paul we are working for you in Michigan where we will help you do well.

  • It’s too bad Ron Paul didn’t here the last question clearly. Do you see any difference between Obama and the other Republican candidates? He would have said: NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OBAMA AND ROMNEY AND SANTORUM AND GINGRICH!!!!!!

  • Ron Paul camp not conceding Maine. There is one county left which is Washington county. It is a big university full of Ron Paul supporters. Weather “reported” 3 to 4 inches of snow and the counting stopped, but yet there was a girl scout event happening and it didn’t stop. Besides those numbers on the TV didn’t seem right when Romney wins by 194 votes? Yet 85% of the votes only was counted? GOP are fucking idiots!

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    America if you want to obey the God of the bible…all of you run to Jesus.
    Gays repent and turn away from your lifestyle.
    Stop aborting/murdering your unborn children.
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    This is a start.

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  • statistically speaking with a 3% difference Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are tied in Maine. Check out Ron Paul Doht TV

  • lil kids saying “END THE FED!” HAHA

  • 4:30 the child actually brought a tear to my eye.
    …here’s to Ron Paul from Europe!

  • “A man’s environment is a merciless mirror of him as a human being. And if he thinks his environment could use a little improvement, all he has to do is improve and his environment will improve to reflect the changing man”. Earl Nightingale

    We can do this. The Ron Paul camp is inspiring change at the individual level and that makes the real long term difference.

  • Stay on target. The Department of Homeland Security needs to be shut down immediately. Mitt Romney won’t do it. Santorum won’t do it. Gingrich won’t do it.

  • Despite of vote fraud and smear campaign, He is a front runner!

  • According to AP only 84% have reported Maine’s results. It’s been stuck at that number for hours. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!? If only 84% have reported and Romney is only 194 votes ahead of Paul. Am I missing something? Couldn’t Paul still win? Or is it a done deal because the Fat Lady has sung?

  • One of his strongest speeches so far. I fear he’s too advanced for our brainwashed world. But it shows that there’s still a good 30% of humans that are waking up.

  • GoRonPaul

    Just youtube “Mitt Romney Supporters” just search that and you’ll find evidence that his supporters are throwing in several votes for themselves. Like playing the game 1 vote per ticket instead of 1 vote per person. Also you’ll find another video of a man who admits that he was paid to vote for the man. Seriously? I say toss this guy in jail and audit Mitt Romney and immediately disqualify this man in this race!

  • It was 94 votes between the 2 genius, with not all counted.

  • kyle s

    This may help people with understanding how Ron Paul is doing better than we are being told. I don’t really understand the whole delegate thing but I know that Ron Paul is getting a lot of delegates in the caucus states and the caucus states have not been counted. So for example Colorado has 71 delegates and is a caucus state. The candidates collectively are reported as getting 36. So that means there are a possible 35 delegates (36-71=35) that Ron Paul has gotten that will be tallied later. There’s somewhere like a 150 delegates that Ron Paul might have grabbed a “piece” of so far.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong (I am I know to some degree lol ), I’m trying to learn as I go and no one seems to know or has helped explain any of it yet.
    Allotted delegates currently

    Delegates per state (2008)

  • Wolf is a footsoldier of the CFR and the internationalists that comprise Washington government.

  • Well done to all the Ron Paul supporter, lots of hard work done but more to do. Keep going and spread the word, turning hearts and minds is what this is about not just winning.
    A friend from the UK