Ron Paul Thanks Supporters with Balloon-Throwing Spectacle

  • So down to earth…

  • ron paul is a sick cunt 🙂

  • Ron Paul is my hero!!!

  • So he does like some balloons, apparently! He’s so rad. He’s been fighting for what’s right for so long, while the majority laughed at him, made false accusations at him, called him horrible things, and yet he still keeps fighting. He’s dedicated so much of his life to serving and trying to make not just America but the world a better place. If he loses, his message is still with the youth–the future of this country. What an amazing man! We don’t deserve him.

  • I love this man! He’s such a great, down-to-earth, friendly guy! He’s the kind of awesome old man you’d want to have as a neighbour. The kind you could just sit down and have an intelligent conversation with. 🙂

  • He is the oldest man with a love of fun, I have ever seen. He would bring REAL life back to the White House. “May God set him in authority over us all” is my prayer.

  • Ron Paul is a cool motherfucker

  • I consider myself a leftist, but the simple truth is he is our only chanse for a lasting peace.

  • haha he is in such great form !!!

  • he so cute

  • Ron Paul’s bodyguards looks so nice h:p

  • Ah, ah…he didn’t bend with his legs when he first reached for a couple of balloons, and he’s an MD..haha…This man will be remembered in history for trying or actually succeeding in saving this country. I hope it’s the 2nd one. 🙂

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • RON PAUL 2012 select video playlist – just add a . to the com


    Its Paul or nothing, Ron Paul 2012 or hell

  • Man I love this fuckin guy. I wish u rich 100 and more Doctor Paul. I’m 24 and I can’t bent the way Doc did when he picked them balloons and he’s 76. Ron Paul Ruler of Humanity fuck President. Fuk NWO elitist style I’ll take a NWO RON PAUL style any day. F R E E D O M

  • It seems America doesn’t want honesty.
    They don’t want truth.
    They don’t want liberty.
    They don’t want freedom.
    They don’t want their rights.
    They want to be lied to.
    They want to be manipulated.
    They want to be in a recession.
    They want to be sending soldiers off to die for no reason.
    If I am wrong, then why arn’t you voting for Ron Paul!??!?

  • I would really like to know is Romney would beat Ron Paul in a bike race. I think Ron Paul would win easily. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • This is WHY YouTube is such a useful, honest means of information flow.
    You won’t see this on television unless it’s under a corporate microscope.
    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kicking those balloons like a Boss! I love Ron Paul so much!!!

  • You watch the security for the other candidates and they are always grim faced… look at the security for Ron Paul… I watch the big guy with the flat top. He has graduated from dower to smiling… You look at the people around Ron Paul and they are real people. Look at the people around the other candidates. I swear if we had videos of Rick Santorums Family environment I wouldn’t be surprised to see punishment within the family that is illegal. Rick reminds me of videos of Hitler.