Ron Paul Thanks Supporters with Balloon-Throwing Spectacle

  • what a cool guy

  • 100% Humanitarian and Honest, Sincere Man !!!! If people don’t want change then don’t vote for Ron, but if you want your children to have a better future, vote for Ron Paul !!!!


  • I like how he looked down at the balloons a few times, like he was going, “Eh… politics… but… balloons!… no, wait, politics… wait… BALLOONS!” and just finally started kicking them around. XD

    Yay, Ron Paul! Balloons for everyone!

  • The Military have your back Doctor Paul,just lead us and we should place you in the white house even if have to have a military coup! our real enemies are here at home not overseas.let us liberate the people from this corrupt regime,who keep taking our freedoms and who keep sending our brothers and sisters out to die and to kill in the name of profits.

  • Vote Ron Paul, get a balloon!!

  • What a “gift” of a human being!

  • You start throwing balloons at the people President Paul, what’s next? 😉

  • 99 red ballons =)

  • balloon!s for all if Ron Paul wins!!

  • That’s awesome, a liberty fighting kid at heart!

  • We Love Ron Paul!!!!!!!! Ron Paul 2012

  • OMG he is a great guy and for all his work and patience he must suceed!!!!

  • I guess thats one way of putting it :$


  • The more I learn about Ron Paul, the more I love seeing him! 🙂

  • I want him to win so bad I teared up at this I was so happy. IM NOT EVEN AMERICAN!

  • Balloons 2012

  • aaaaahw he the cutest!

  • aaaaahw he the cutest!