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  • One of the clips from the protests was where Police were surrounded at UC Davis – protestors sat down and the police warned them to let them free, but the protestors sat down in order to make it harder for the police to get by – which the poliice responded with pepper spray after nearly 20 minutes of captivity, but besides that bit of knowledge, I think the video is very good at proving the point that Ron Paul is the best candidate.

    Ron Paul 2012!


  • I laugh when people say that they are voting for Mitt Romney because “he isn’t the status quo.” It’s like saying “I’m voting for Mitt Romney because he isn’t Mitt Romney.”

  • vote Ron Paul ,please god i dont want war.. from Armenia..!

  • Aj Marino

    I can’t believe he doesn’t have one rich supporter I am going to donate 25 dollars because it is all i can afford i work 60+ hours a week i wish i could do more for you Ron.

    • Jules

      Same here, unemployed and took an early distribution from 401K. I can’t bear not to chip in no matter how small. If I could donate the maximum I would in a heartbeat! Hopefully those like you and I still know everybit counts and it adds up…

  • added this to favorites.

  • Scott R

    To my Neo-con friends: I DO respect and understand (and disagree with) your position that the US should be over seas “setting up” democracy. I honestly believe that you have good intensions. Let me draw a parallel though if I may. The DEMS also have “good intensions” to help the poor and middle class by allowing the government to take on the rolls that the free market used to. The democrats additionally buy votes by promising new entitlements we can’t afford. It always ends the same… more money printing (and inflation) or more taxes. That means the government gives and takes back and you go nowhere. In fact, when you add the middle man government, things are less efficient. NEO CONS isn’t it possible that your policy while I find disagreeable at best, still must follow the same budget constraints that other entitlements should? You may think that there are many more countries in the world that should be converted to democracy, but we can not afford to convert them all at once. Can’t you admit that we are currently over extended and looking more the USSR or ROME around here with this debt, over extended Military and with things like the Patriot act? That said, which of YOUR candidates is willing to cut 1 trillion dollars from the budget to right the ship? If the US becomes insolvent, your goal of creating democracy around the world will fail. Vote for Paul this time to right the financial ship FIRST. Then once we are on a sustainable path (with a GDP to debt ratio back to historical mean) we Libertarians can talk compromise with the democrats and Neo-con GOP members. What do you say???

  • Do this:
    Click on see all comments, click alt+f, type ju88ff – paid bastard meant to troll on ron paul videos.
    Don’t bother wasting one sentence on this fuckface.

  • Scott R

    Goodmorning everyone. I’m here in Michigan and just picked up 10 Ron Paul signs for myself and any other Ron Paul fans I come accross that need one still. What a frustrating weekend to see this bias against Paul continue. I have been warning the GOP… treat Paul good or else! I would not be surprised to see Paul run 3rd party later if this BS continues. The truth is… we are supposed to be loyal and back the winner, but, if there is fraud and a media bias along the way, how can we support that candidate?

    • robin

      You seem like you are tirelessly working on Ron Paul’s campaign. Can you explain something that concerns us right now and that is Ron Paul and his campaign manager divulged their secret weapon in the media that it’s all about delegates in the end and that the tide is in their favor? When Ron Paul was on Face the Nation he just seemed too happy about everything that has been going on. We can’t help but wonder if he knows something we don’t. Sorry, but we can’t help being suspicious here. That does not mean we don’t support him, but it is still a concern. We have some reservations about a number of things. One is how he will address going back to state and local control and deal with corporate fascism, which is very likely to increase it’s stronghold. I can understand people’s concerns because I’ve never heard him address this specifically. If you can address that, I would be humbly grateful. I don’t believe the federal government protects us, but in some areas they have. Without a plan in this area, it could really backfire and this country could be even more entrenched in this area. He does need to be more specific about his plan in making these cutbacks to alleviate people’s fears. I have not heard him do that so far, but if he has, please share this with me. No candidate is perfect and that’s why we have some concerns and are also seeking more information.

  • Donate as much as you can to this money bomb tomorrow folks. Ron Paul gets his money from us, not from the big banks, lobbyists or billionaire casino buddies like the others do.

  • I’m British and found an American to help me send money for Ron Paul tomorrow. I dare to hope that this world can be wonderful again. I know it can if the people make it happen.
    Ron Paul 2012! No other way to go.

  • I pledged and by pledging I took that first easy step to make a positive difference in the lives of myself and my fellow citizens from the domestic threat we face on the real American front lines.

  • I’m sorry America, Ron Paul is not your savior. You the people are the only hope to end this madness. Stop reaching out and start reaching from within.

  • I’m in. Ron Paul 2012.

  • I’m in. Ron Paul 2012.

  • A you guys don’t comment to the communist troll. He gets off on all this. He does this to every video. He has no values or morals. Don’t give him the satisfation of getting you pissed off. Just let him be in his miserable life. He does not deserve freedom.

  • AWESOMEEEE I’m gonna feature it!! WELL DONE!!!!

  • not final we will always fight the zionist

  • les

    Maine was a great day,definitely pressure must be put to bear on the party establishment to eliminate these transparent shenanigans. It’s for their own good.Any more of this is going to revive memories of the 2000/Florida kerfuffle,which even the most anti-Paul members would agree isn’t in the party’s interest. Listing the Maine officials who need a leaning on for the faithful would be helpful. Anyone?
    But get happy,people. Down a lousy 3 points after a rigged game in Mitt’s backyard? Awesome work. They’re running scared,they’ll make mistakes. This obvious a manipulation this early isn’t cold ruthlessness,it’s panic.
    The dam’s about to break. Fun to be young,huh?
    I love that man. Doesn’t look a bit tired. God bless!

  • Don’t waste your energy talking to ju88ff, he’s a troll of the worst kind. He’s all over the Ron Paul boards. Posters need to ban him. Until then, ignore him an hope he goes away.

  • “Final battle” still doesn’t sit well with me