“No One But Paul” Money Bomb: Almost $1 Million Raised Day One – Extended until Friday Night!

Donate at RonPaul2012.com

  • Wow, chilllssss!! Really great vid. Please donate to his campaigns moneybomb right now, today. They need it more than ever. Like this video to everything you can, get the word out. The message is clear but not everyone has heard it.

  • Mike O.

    Ron drew a line in the sand 30 yrs ago and has not crossed it. THAT says alot about the man, in and of itself. I will not reiterate all that has been said about Ron Paul’s integrity. It speaks for itself. I like him ALOT and he’s probably the only politician that has EVER and I mean EVER gained my respect. He has my vote, no doubt about it, period. Our nation has to be reset. Ron will get the job done. Our nation needs to help AND protect him. Thank you Ron Paul and campaign personnel!

    • Mike O.

      “Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,…”

      Need I say more? I will if you want me to.

  • For God’s Sake…..Dear Patriots, its Our moment in history to give a green light for our COUNTRY to finally start to breath again…as it is arrested for over 100 years!!! we, we got the Doctor, Ron Paul who know how to restart the Heart of The U.S.A. to beat as one again!!! Dr PAUL or NOBODY! lets stand as one, as a powerful bat that The Good Doctor can use swinging over the theft of our freedom and money and our lives and lives of our people that have gone before us!!! God is watching…


  • SICK VID!!!

  • les


  • ron pual = awesome

  • I sincerely hope this man pulls it off to save not only the USA but the rest of the planet, form England

  • I sincerely hope this man pulls it off to save not only the USA but the rest of the planet, form England

  • Matthew B

    Donated $100 to the money bomb! I’ll continue to donate what I can when I can. I support truth and honesty. Ron Paul 2012

    • Stephen

      Thank you Matthew B, you are truly generous and intelligent man! NO ONE BUT RON PAUL!

  • vote for this man America,and perhaps the rest of the world will respect you once again…

  • Amazing video! such talent.

  • Could non Americans contribute to the campaign?

    • ladyliberty

      Sure! Give someone you trust to send it!

    • Jules

      If it cannot be done over the ronpaul2012 website, maybe you just need an address to use in which case I will private message mine. I will be donating this afternoon

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  • ProudAmericanFirst

    I have donated to No One But Paul!

    Our freedoms and Constitution are at stake. If you take the time to look at Obama and the other R candidates records you will learn as I have that there is no difference between any of them other than surface issues and the letter after their names (D or R). I have had enough flip-flopping at the expense of civil liberties and our Constitution.

    If Ron Paul is not on the ticket I will write him in.

    • Gloria

      I fear even if all of us wrote his name in, the vote won’t be counted. The powers that be wouldn’t let that happen. It’s scary to watch how disrespectful the media treats him. You can bet he is getting more votes at the caucuses and there is something stinky in the RNC.

      • Aj Marino

        I hate how he almost won Maine. I am not going to say he would of won although most likely it would have happened. I just love how people keep saying he needs a win in a caucus to win the nomination. He explains how that is not necessarily true. Nobody from the media wants to hear it they just back who they want and it is ridiculously bias.

  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    There is some stirring, rolling over, rubbing of eyes, and some of them are no longer squinting—a good indication that they are conscious of their surroundings.

    But many people are still sleeping…The EXPLOSION of a Money Bomb might be the perfect alarm clock.

    Inasmuch as the gop establishment believes that their state unconsciousness is comatose—they will be surprised if they awakened.

    And as anyone who has ever studied battlefield tactics will tell you, the element of surprise, is a jump-start towards victory.

  • Ryan

    I’m with you all the way! The fate of our Country depends on your election! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Jamie

    Give your dollars to Ron Paul before they’re only useful as toilet paper

  • Micky

    Show your support for Ron Paul. He is founding father material. Donate to him tomorrow!


  • I’ll be there!! RP2012

  • Our Country was arrested for more then 100 years….”they” think that our Country is done yet It is ALIVE…… We are not done, USA is just to stop that bad dream…, patriots are awakening and we all shall stand up as ONE to back Dr Paul to REstore The Constitution and get out Land to be TRULY the Light that all people will want to be like and look up to.
    Dr. Paul or NO vote , Live free or die……”