“No One But Paul” Money Bomb: Almost $1 Million Raised Day One – Extended until Friday Night!

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  • Scott R

    WASHINGTON COUNTY MAINE- do not be discouraged. Come out and vote in mass numbers for Ron Paul. Maybe the Romney people will all stay home now that the race has been “called” in Maine. We need to hear your oppinion even if the GOP doesn’t count it. What is more important is that you give your support to Ron Paul. Let everyone know in this country that you are out there and you care! This has been still gaining momentum. People are slow to come around because change is scary. But there is no message more powerful then to tell the truth to the people and offer a way out of this financial mess we are in.

  • josh daniels
  • Amer Ican

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  • robin

    Scott R….Just in case you didn’t see my posting as they often get lost in the thread, have your wife watch the You Tube videos of Charlotte Thomson Isberyt-The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America..It will be an eye opener for her as it was for me. She says in her most recent interview that Ron Paul is the only candidate that does not subscribe to this hidden agenda in our schools that began during the Reagan Administration. She believes he is the ONLY candidate that has a chance to turn this country around. I suspect most Reagan people aren’t aware of the agreement he signed with Gorbachev to merge our two educational systems together. That’s when Charlotte lost respect for Reagan who just became a mouthpiece of the neo-conservatives. Her book has extensive documentation of secret documents she came across while working at the Department of Education. It’s quite shocking and something that all educators and parents should be aware of. In fact, every American should be aware of this agenda. Judge for yourself…


    • Scott R

      Thanks for the re-post Robin… with the new style on the site, it is harder to follow up on old conversations. I will check out your vid.

    • Scott R

      Hey Robin… that’s some interesting stuff. I am not surprised to hear about a secret agenda in our education system. I agree with Paul that education should be a local issue. Power divided is power checked. Truth is, the government doesn’t know what is best for us, and they don’t want what is best for us. Most of them just want power and wealth for themselves. That is why they buy votes with promissed entitlements and at the same time buy votes with tax cuts. hmm… something is not adding up here. Could it be that they are printing money out of thin air and racking up a HUGE debt? They care NOTHING about the next generation. Politicians CAN NOT be trusted, and we must therefore return the power to the local community and individuals when ever it is possible. Let us take care of ourselves! That’s all I ask.

  • Michael S

    I’m another first-time donator. I’ve never donated money to a politician before, but then I’ve never seen a politician like Ron Paul. 🙂

    GO RON PAUL! 🙂

    • Roorbeer1970

      I’m another 1st time donator too. Never got involved but just went to vote. Then nothing happen or changed, just worse.Now like everyone I’m discused in this Whole Gov. Following Ron Paul for the 1st time, reading up for what he stands for. He doesn’t change say one thing, one day then change it the next. He the Real Conservative, none the other three are. He’s a Veteran’s, Dr. & been a Congressman, too. I believe if more people Vote smart in there coming up Primary’s & really check Dr. Ron Paul out. They will vote for him.# 1. He’s not the big money.He wants to help us all. He is Honest. I have contacted 3-4 people like I promise.Then if they tell more & we all can show that Ron’s the only one who said he will cut 1 trillion dollars in the 1st yr. Conduct a full audit the Federal Reserve. Cut Gov Waste. So much more. We the people have heard so many promises over the years & they all have been broken. Ron Paul, now running to be President is the only one I trust to dig us out of this mess.

      • Aj Marino

        I’m with you first time as well. Lets Restore America Now. Go Ron Paul

  • Lily

    I’ve never donated to a presidential campaign before, and never thought I would, but I just donated to Ron Paul. This time, it’s NO ONE BUT PAUL for me, and I was glad to INVEST in our future. God bless Ron Paul and the USA.

  • Micky

    The Ron Paul money bomb is going fantastic once again! Do your part! Donate, tell everyone you know. Spread the movement!


  • Im from the UK and want to donate to ron paul, is it possible or is it only US citizens that can donate?

  • robin

    For those of you who have never read 1984-time to read it. For those of you who have read it, time to read it again. Remember Orwell saw the agenda from the inside of the BBC and one of the reasons he wrote this book. How many people still think this book is pure fiction? I continue to ask my friends if this is the world they want to live in. Brave New World is another prophetic book. We have many opiates in this society that keep us asleep and entertained to distraction so changes can take place. Do you think this is an accident? Just keep in mind that when a story breaks on the mainstream media and quickly disappears, that this is a story you better pay attention to. It was buried for good reason. We also know that the media plays up certain stories to keep people distracted while something big happens behind the scenes. The contraception story is a perfect example(gets people upset on both sides of the spectrum) to distract people from what is happening in the Middle East. The unfortunate part is how effective it is. While we are watching our reality TV, playing video games, and on our social media sites, the agenda is being carefully orchestrated for our benefit…

    • Scott R

      Robin… I have read it, and use it to draw a comparision WAY to often these days. That’s not a good sign. I’ve also used Rome’s fall and the USSR quite a bit as well. Interesting eh? 🙂

  • Ben

    nice to see there is a collaberation of the most intelligent people in the United States here

  • What did i just watch..

  • The Truth man

    Rick Santorum wants to START A WAR WITH IRAN…no matter how much it costs the American people…no matter the human cost, no matter the political cost, no matter that in the end it would really not much serve American interests….and would leave us WITH GIGANTIC DEBTS…..RON PAUL wants to END THESE WARS ONCE AND FOR ALL….guess who the SPECIAL INTERESTS SUPPORT? Guess who the media KEEPS PLUGGING? Pick a phone…call someone…say high…I’m a friend of yours whether you know it or not….please support RON PAUL because if you dont and Rick Santorum wins….WE WILL BE AT WAR FOR ANOTHER TEN YEARS…..and in the end it will come to nothing bur more debt, more instability, and more poverty for the vast majority. Do your fellow American a favor today. Oh and ask them TO SUPPORT RON PAUL WITH A DONATION..IF POSSIBLE.

  • disagree completely, just different taste of music I guess

  • disagree completely, just different taste of music I guess

  • Aj Marino

    Man it must be nice to have 2 people backing you to drop five million dollars a piece. Sheldon Adelson/ Miriam Adelson. Disgusts me.

    This is a Romney Donation List From 2008 Also Disgusts me
    Goldman Sachs $235,275
    Citigroup Inc $178,450
    Merrill Lynch $176,125
    Morgan Stanley $170,350
    Lehman Brothers $154,800
    UBS AG $125,150
    JPMorgan Chase & Co $123,800
    Bain & Co $121,475
    Marriott International $121,150
    Bain Capital $118,550
    Kirkland & Ellis $111,700
    The Villages $110,900
    Credit Suisse Group $104,900
    Compuware Corp $103,550
    Huron Consulting $102,050
    PricewaterhouseCoopers $92,250
    American Financial Group $87,550
    Affiliated Managers Group $82,112
    Cerberus Capital Management $79,450
    Sun Capital Partners $77,850



    • Aj Marino

      First guy is Newt Gingrich if you didn’t know.

  • First half is perfect. Second half needs a different song in my opinion. Something a little more serious. Overall excellent video.

  • ooo goosebumps

  • ooo goosebumps

  • noonebutpaul

    At 10:15 AM (Eastern Time) We’ve already surpassed $200,000! Congrats! I donated this morning… everyone should donate to this moneybomb if they truly want to see him get the GOP nomination.

    • noonebutpaul

      We’ve nearly doubled that number in 2 hours, by the way. Hopefully the donations will continue picking up momentum as the day goes on

  • Wow, chilllssss!! Really great vid. Please donate to his campaigns moneybomb right now, today. They need it more than ever. Like this video to everything you can, get the word out. The message is clear but not everyone has heard it.