“No One But Paul” Money Bomb: Almost $1 Million Raised Day One – Extended until Friday Night!

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  • But first and foremost, we must spread the message of liberty because that’s how it works. Look at Jesus, that’s what he had to do before he was able to change the world. No one ever thought his message would remain during those times because it was some horrible times. I’m not saying Ron Paul is Jesus like Obama almost claimed to be, but Jesus showed us the way. The message is what’s important. That’s what will continue to feed the battle for generations.


  • Try superpac.. Find out about Ron Paul’s superpac.. I think its called RevolutionPac or something like that. They spend 2 million on his campaign so far I heard..

  • I got some too, but I have a feeling more will vote for him when this is all through.. I’m hoping

  • Zionist? That words too broad. Sounds like your saying, lets kill Christians. It would be better you say, let’s fight the Occultic world power elitist Illuminati or something like that. Satan is ruling the world for a time. That’s what this is all about. Don’t believe me? Why don’t they know how Whitney Huston died, or Michael Jackson? I know about these things cause I was in a cult for 3 years. They’ll kill you if you go against their plans and eventually.. well.. you’ll see

  • I say we all reach for our gun if he doesn’t make it. We are the only ones who can stop this thing. Let us show the world what America’s really about. Lets do it for our sons and our daughters, and for all the ones who died for our freedom!! Let us LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!

  • lolololol XD

  • Just waiting for Friday paycheck to donate half of it,it’s a sacrifice but it’s worth it,we want to see this country flourish again for our future Gens.God Bless RP 2012!!!!!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • karen gallop

    I have never contributed to a presidential campaign before but we need to put our money where our mouths are! So I did!

  • just donated $25. im gonna make an effort to donate $25 to $50 every paycheck.

  • sws227

    I bought $109 worth or Ron Paul merchandise a day before the money bomb and I am wondering…does it go to his campaign? I’m a college student and don’t have much to spend so I am hoping it pays off and goes to his campaign.

  • FormerApathetic

    The statements by others the “Ron Paul cured my political apathy” is totally true for me as well. I paid 0 attention to any politics up until this past December. I lost my job in December and had alot of time on my hands so i began to pay attention and I found RP is the only person I can truely get behind and be a passionate activist for. I realize now I have been mislead all my life by main stream media, I literally said the day before I started researching the candidates “man hasn’t Ron Paul been running for president since 1842” I am partly ashamed of that statement but mostly i feel its a testament to how blind I was, I want to thank Dr. Paul for all you do and for opening my eyes to what is going on in America and what I can do to change it, I am a better person because of him.

    • Aj Marino

      Well put sir

  • Ron Paul always has badass ads! his ads are always true. Ron Paul 2012!

  • President Paul 2012 is becoming reality!

  • TriedToReason

    I donated and telling everyone I know! You are our last hope to restore what is wrong with this country. We need to find a way to get past the media so the same thing doesn’t happen this time as it did in 2008. I think all politicians are crooks…..well until you came along Dr. Paul. For once I feel there is still hope for the leaders we choose for office and no other candidate has the passionate following you do and such an infectious message! The true evil is the media. We believe in you Ron Paul and want you to be our next President 2012!!!!!!!

  • I agree! needs a song with more soul…

  • I agree! needs a song with more soul…

  • I agree! needs a song with more soul…

  • I agree! needs a song with more soul…

  • Hi Friend! AWESUM Vid!! I just wanted to give ya the “Heads Up!” to change your Title to reflect: “Feb 14th through (Fri) Feb 17th”, per an automated e:mail I got from Dr. Paul & his campaign last night. We gotta make sure that every one’s aware of this date addition as Dr. Paul needs every penny he can get to tackle the upcoming bunch of states. Thanx Hon! Sincerely, Janae **PRESIDENT RON PAUL 2012!!**