Ron Paul: I Can Beat Obama Because My Message Brings People Together

  • Ron needs to stop playing along with all this MSM propaganda..he should just have said: “if all your questions are about Mitt Romney & all you want to do is talk about Mitt then you should have Mitt on your show not me, im not his spokesperson, im here to talk about me and my campaign”

    ..and saying Romney can beat Obama was a bad move, his team must have ‘face-palmed’ on that one, he should have just said something like: “well, i dont know, we’ll have to wait and see as we move forward”

  • No other can go against Obama but Ron Paul, if you do not understand this, Please Escort yourself into a Government FEMA Camp..


  • Ron Paul moneybomb on February 14th! Spread the word and donate as much as you can! But most importantly, spread the word! Think of every Ron Paul supporter you know, and tell them about it, and tell each one of them to also think of/tell every Ron Paul supporter they know. This is critical! We need to make this moneybomb count!

  • Either Romney is a shill for the banks or he is totally ignorant of the problem (the Fed), either way nothing will change under Romney and nothing will get fixed. Romney will just be a whtie Obama. Why not try something different this time folks? What have you got to lose? We’re already broke, there’s nothing to save. The horse has already left the barn.

  • Well that went a lot better than the last interview RP did on Face the Nation.

  • An excellent interview. A decidedly improvement from the last time he was interviewed by this joker.

  • Please wake yourselves up americans, founding Father material for 2012 Dr Ron Paul is the only choice !!!!!!! Please check my channel to learn why playlists and favorites tell the scary but true story.

  • better wake up America and vote for freedom,for Liberty.for Ron Paul!!!!!

  • anyone else notice the Illuminati EYE’s behind ron paul in the CBS logo???

  • Canceled the caucas where Paul was doing the best in? WOW! Ron, don’t just say it, scream about it, man. They screwed you! You lost by 100 and some votes, which means you probably would’ve won.

  • Listen, I support Ron Paul, but I clicked DISLIKE ON THIS VIDEO, and here’s precisely why. Ron Paul has NOT addressed Romney’s fallacies appropriately. So many of you follow Ron Paul blindly, but I question BOLDLY. This is the reality. Obama and Obama 2.0 Romney have nearly $500million combined in campaign finances, yet you go after Gingrich & Santorum? WTF? You need to deal with the only two opponents Romney & Obama. Until you do, you’re losing my support. What’s your agenda Ron?

    • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

      Mr. Paul’s loyalty is pledged to his ideas—individual rights, sound monetary policy and limited government—and not to the Republican Party.

      Mr. Paul has pointed out that Romney supported the bailouts, the stimulus and his own version of Obama Care. However, Gingrich and Santorum are playing the attack-dog roles against Romney; thus, Mr. Paul is free to take the high road. In fact, when Gingrich and Perry went after Romney for saying he liked being able to fire people who provide poor service, Mr. Paul even came to Romney’s defense—and I was glad he did.

      If you notice, Romney has not gone after Mr. Paul either; he has focused his attacks on Gingrich and Santorum. I do not question Mr. Paul’s integrity and I am not privy to the details of his campaign’s strategy.

      One thing I do know though, Mr. Paul is a far greater force for the gop to contend with than he was in 2008. And that is a good thing.

      T Kosciuszko

  • So is Ron Paul running for Romney’s VP or what?

  • I am looking forward to this election. Ron Paul in 2012 or physical Revolution Thereafter !

  • Freedom is popular!

  • anybody who doesnt vote ron paul should just be sent to FEMA CAMPS IMMEDIATELY


  • Where is the LOVE button? I LOVE this man!

  • 304 view 368 likes, some people like this video a LOT.

  • Cancelled the caucus! That was mighty convenient.

  • Ron Paul is just so HONEST!

  • Ron Paul can’t even win a state, and paulnuts think he’s the only one that can beat Obama? LOL.