Ron Paul: I Can Beat Obama Because My Message Brings People Together

  • bob shieffer us a sub human traitorous piece of crap.

  • What Ron Paul has is consistency of record. He’s been saying the same thing for decades. He’s not gonna flip flop when he gets into office so at least we can trust what he’s saying!


  • Obama is a puppet, He didn’t even do pretty much anything he promised us!!!! he’s controlled by the rothschilds and the illuminati. go ron paul he won’t carry on this global agenda!

  • Ron paul is simply awesome.

  • Wait a minute he’s REPUBLICAN? How can that be, he talks about Iraq the way it should be talked about? He is a rationally thinking being how can he be republican?

  • He thinks he can beat Obama? Yeah, try winning a primary first!

  • hey, americans, I’m from uruguay, and please, don’t be so stupid to let those communists motherfuckers of the Democrat Party to win again. Today, my country, and all the contries around, like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, etc., have left-wings goverments. ALL South America is going to hell because of that commies motherfuckers. Don´t let the red shit do the same with the U.S!
    Fuck communism!
    Sorry for my bad english :S

  • i can beat him too. GOD PRAY THAT HE DOES!

  • I find it disheartening to see Romney with a lead. All you have to do is google him and you will find how he changes what he says/believes for the group he talking to.

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Why does everyone love this guy so much? His stances on the issues reflect the same homophobia, racism, and elitism that all of the other Republicans promote. Wake up, America. We all know what the interests of the Republican party are, and unless you’re a rich, white, Christian male, you’re not one of those interests.

  • Oh, man! What stopped me, at 0:00; CBS picked opposite faces pictures from one’s happy face in designing to keep you to focus on a winner; I’m an Artist, I can draw people’s face; nice try. –Ron Paul!!

  • We write him in if he dosent win the GOP and if that doesnt work we keep going and going and going untill we get what we want. We do not stop no matter what. We cant keep brushing our problems under the rug, it’s time to take action. I’m 19 and i’ll vote for Ron Paul, this will be my first time voting so I’m happy my first vote will go to Ron Paul.

  • Go Ron Paul!!! I am from South Africa and I believe in his idiology more than I believe the ANC’s ideology. Abolish taxation, smaller government, free and fair speech etc. I hope other leaders follow in the footsteps of Ron Paul around the world.

  • the only good picture that CBS used of the four candidates was Mitt Romney’s haha the others look terrible….wonder why that is???

  • There’s a lot of talk about the poisons of chem trails being dumped in our atmosphere.

    Why haven’t I seen anything from you addressing the issue?

  • President Paul……..sweetheart you are doing great! You DO have solid support. God will allow us Peace finally, after all the mayhem the ELITES have caused. I am certain you will succeed. I am campaignin for u here in AZ

  • Ron stable as steel. Never sways position for a glitter of a moment. Notice it in this video. Question- You think Romeny can beat Obama? Ans- Yes I do.

  • Obama sold himself to Wall street, but that is not going to happen with Ron Paul. He Doesn’t sell out American people!

  • Ron paul the chuck norris of politic