Ron Paul: I Can Beat Obama Because My Message Brings People Together

  • I’m RACIST for criticizing Obama.
    TERRORIST because I’m not with Bush.
    ANTISEMITIC for not supporting Rothschild Zionism.
    TEABAGGER for supporting the Constitution.
    TRUTH-ER for asking unanswered questions.
    TRAITOR for whistle-blowing on my corrupt Government.
    CONSPIRACY THEORIST for presenting documented facts.
    TROLL for uploading news, videos, quotes and U.S.Atrocities.
    ANTI-AMERICAN for supporting Constitutionalists like Dr. Ron Paul.
    RON PAUL 2012!


  • Ron paul!!!!! you are an absolute idiot if you don’t vote for him

  • I think i will definitely vote for Ron Paul. i don’t agree with his opinions on abortion, gay rights, etc but he is a good libertarian who wants to give more power to the state. He seems like an honest, good, candidate!

  • I hope he wins Ron Paul is restoring our freedom in the constitution!!

  • ron paul is such a kook LULZ u guys are stupid if drugs are legalized then our kids will get high and start to DIE u WANT UR KIDS TO DIE, IDIOT SUPPORTERS

  • I hope he wins! I think he is what our country needs!

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  • If this house negro obama becomes president again I will move to canada at age 18

  • F the constitution. its a whole different world from 200 years ago. keep bombing the palistinians thank you very much

  • support liberty !!

    I’m voting for Romney because he’s the “frontrunner”.
    I’m voting for Santorum because he’s supposedly conservative and not Romney.
    I’m voting for Gingrich because I’m a nostalgic neocon.
    Screw that crazy conservative libertarian constitutionalist old man.

  • virginia my own state has failed me

  • I support Ron Paul! he just makes sense!

  • I support Ron Paul! he just makes sense!

  • not american so i have no idea why im watching this but he sounds nice 🙂

  • Ron Paul is done.

  • Obama’s first term resume:

    Unemployment above 8 percent for 35 months — the longest period of sustained high unemployment since the Great Depression.

    Number of Americans having to rely on food stamps at an all-time high

    Number of new business start-ups at a 17-year low

    Bigger government

    National debt totaling $15 trillion and surpassing the size of America’s entire economy
    First-ever credit downgrade (AAA to AA+) in nation’s history

    Two failed bailouts ( $1.7 trillion)

    -Ron Paul 2012

  • I heard that Ron Paul is a racist. Is that true?

  • All of this fun really stops as soon as the Feds realize what kind of powers they now have at hands due to all of these new idiotic laws; PATRIOT ACT + NDAA

    Ron Paul is the only politician who would repeal these UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws.

    Electrified crime fighting gloves, Exosceletons, “Big Dog” Carrier and Fighter robots, 30 000 mini-drones watching US Land AND airspace able to spray or drop a grenade at any terrorrist in sight.

    You better get ready “Terrorist”.

  • No matter who wins (I hope it’s Paul) they will find it very hard to correct the downward spiral that America, in fact, all developed countries is in. When Ron wins, expect hard times for a few years whilst the fiscal and manufacturing bases are repaired. We should all hope that peace is “allowed” for years to come to recoup the money the USA taxpayers lost to the war machine and get behind alternative fuel making to save on oil imports. Spend less, build more, eat less and grow more. Ron Paul.