Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of a Victory?

  • That’s what I’m doing.This video is exactly why this country that I bled for needs.Then once Ron Paul gets in office.He will have a whole new fight to fight.Let’s all pray or this country’s sake he can win the fight.At the end of the day we are neither Rep. or Dem. but Americans.


  • I do for the life of me not understand why republicans have a great man that’s ready to turn our country around the right way. And because for the shear reason that hes not bought off buy anybody they refuse to make them the GOP Nominee. I do not understand republicans, I will not vote for Obama again. If they refuse to take Ron Paul in yet again I will just write him in this time.

    This kind of crap is disgusting. Romney, Santorum & Gingritch are all morons….

  • Chris

    “Consistency has never been a mark of stupidity.” — James Forrestal

    Think of all the counties that were strong with Ron Paul support that all were mysteriously “disregarded” or “cancelled”. If the people managing the GOP caucuses were merely stupid or incompetent, they’d have occasionally omitted a county with strong Romney/Gingrich/Santorum support.

    • RP4P2012

      Charlie Webster (Chairman), Michelle Dale (Administrative Assistant), Michael Quatrano (Executive Director), of the GOP in Maine,

      9 Huggins Street
      Augusta, ME 04330
      Ph. 207-622-6247
      Fax. 207-623-5322

      By being dishonest and using your position to undermine the integrity of such a valued and last remaining voice pulpits that we as Americans have, you have damaged not only your own reputation but the reputation of the very one you are trying to promote. If you and the GOP have to cheat to win you will never be a true winner…. you will ALWAYS be a cheater!
      What you have basically done is bare false witness against another human being.
      If you can still look at yourself in the mirror, I pity you. I pity you for stealing what belonged to the Last and Most Honest Man in political America.

      Gary Jones
      Nashville, TN

  • my fellow ronulans, check out “Jeff Berwick: The Dollar Vigilante – Stock News Now – 2/15/2012” utube video

  • This is your government people.

    They knew Ron Paul would get shit done and this is their solution.

    This is ridiculous..

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  • Try a YouTube search for “Ron Paul 2012” (with quotations) and compare the results with other candidates:

    “Ron Paul 2012″……………64,800

    “Barack Obama 2012″……….1,620

    “Mitt Romney 2012″………….712

    “Newt Gingrich 2012″………..472

    “Rick Santorum 2012″…………….195

    End the media’s hypnotizing anti-Ron-Paul bias! The internet is free and open! Please feel free to update and re-post this message. 🙂

  • we have to facebook like, google +, tweet every article/video exposing the bs from the controlling arms that be. we have to show ridiculous numbers in support for all our liberties. we cant give up!!!

  • Les Morris

    If we are casting votes to pick a representative of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE (Not CORPORATIONS), then it should be done fairly, openly, not like a bunch of thugs in a back room. WAKE UP AMERICA !
    I think our country desperately needs RON PAUL, and more people like him who want to do good for our childrens future and their country which should be left to them in better shape than it has been for the past several years !

  • If people are not writing letters to their newspapers editors about this, I will be shocked. THIS is crap and it has got to end. All of us sitting around you tube and complaining to each other is accomplishing nothing, andthe CROOKED GOP knows this.

    Go door to door, tell everyone. SHow them these videos. The country is being takenover.

  • Another typical example of political back stabbing cos if it happens somewhere else its “disgusting ! that would never happen over here”.
    Would you play cards with these people ! Is this democracy ?

  • fox news reporting news? no waayy

  • I like these local news networks. They tell it like it is, although their message doesn’t reach the masses.

  • Barack Obama should be put on trial for treason for rigging the votes against Ron Paul.

    • Gloria

      It’s the RNC! Republicans. They want Mitt and have always wanted Mitt. Mitt will owe his soul to the RNC.

  • Good reporting. The subject matter is an utter shame though….how can they just, do that?

  • We have all suspected this level of corruption. Now it is time that we refuse to accept it. We need completely transparent elections with local community validation.

  • Why is the Ron Paul campaign not pushing this Maine issue?

  • Corruption in American politics?! I’m shocked…Oh, wait. No I’m not. 🙁

  • Nice democracy USA…