Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of a Victory?

  • Romney didn’t win and should concede to Ron Paul


  • The Maine GOP machine is as crooked as all the rest. The TRUTH is that Dr Paul not only won almost all (or very possibly ALL) the delegates but he also won the straw poll vote. Romney is a crook, plain and simple, and he LOST in Maine.

  • Becoming a hermit and living alone in the Himalayas is definitely sounding good right about now.


  • Scott R

    With GM in the news today with their record profit, I thought as a Ron Paul supporter from MI I should chime in here on the auto bail outs. I think one of the main reasons we needed the auto bail out in the first place is that the FED’s printing caused the oil prices to spike and thus the loss in demand for the big 3’s large vehicles that were popular for so long. Also as prices rose, union workers demand higher wages and prices for raw materials also rose which crushed the OEMs profit margins. So… while I am against bail outs in general, if we live in a bail out society that prints like crazy, why shouldn’t I support MY bailout? There is no question in my mind that the supply chain would have FAILED with out the government’s intervention on this one… and I hope that they pay the tax payer back now. But let’s not forget that the government intervention into housing, interest rates ect. caused the mess. Let’s end the bail outs AND the current monitary policy that creates the need for them in the first place.

  • There is more of us Ron Paul supporters then not.

  • If everyone works on exposing any Fraud that you see on posts everywhere it would be like taking a bright light in a dark room where cockroaches feel safe and watch them scatter!!!
    There is nothing stronger than Love & Truth and these people have nightmares from it so lets make them dream of HELL to keep them away from destroying America, Ron is our only Chance!! peace

  • robin

    Although the economy is on the top of the list for most Americans, I have family that are concerned about social issues and believe that morality needs to be legislated. Any ideas how to approach them? They simply ignore the past conduct of a candidate and their integrity and how they have voted, and just buy into their rhetoric. Sounds like most of America. I have family and friends on both sides of the spectrum.

    • Gloria

      Morality can’t be legislated. Social issues should not be part of politics. If we adopted Ron Paul’s model, people can live there lives free of government interference, as long as you don’t force or hurt anyone else. That is freedom. You can’t force someone to be moral. Have any of our Presidents turned out to be moral? If they don’t cheat on their wives, they cheat the people. Get government out of our personal lives. Ron Paul has it right!

      • robin

        I agree with you, but I have family and friends in both camps that feel otherwise. It’s difficult to get passed their strong belief systems. It’s a very emotional issue for many. Many people can’t stand Ron Paul because he has personal integrity( a sign of weakness for many). They have to bring him down. No one is perfect, but I really appreciate people who live by example. Of course, they are using his newsletters and who supports him to discredit him. The truth is always revealed in the end, so we have come to believe that many will not awaken until it affects them personally, and even then, some people would prefer to remain in a state of denial. Ignorance is bliss for many. We would prefer to be awake and be prepared in the event that things don’t work out. How many people ever listen to a different point-of-view, or simply listen? Not something most of us do well, and these blogs are a perfect indicator of that. Thank you to the people that treat others the way they want to be treated instead of just the typical mindless bashing of people and candidates…For many who feel powerless, these forums are a great way to “vent”, but remember what your real motivation is to put people down and attack them? Is it because you really care, or like the negative attention.

    • Gloria

      Ron Paul needs money! He has no big backers. He will owe no one! We have to keep donating. Send what you can. That’s our only hope!

      • Gloria

        If everyone who supports Ron Paul gave a dollar it might keep his campaign alive for a day. If you gave $5.00 it might keep his campaign for five days. Think about it.

        • Aj Marino

          I have donated 25$ and will donate another 25$. I would quite literally do anything to see this man succeed.

      • gordy three horses

        are you for real? paul has been in the house for a long time and before that he worked obgyn as a doctor of medicine.

  • So they didn’t vote on election day, want to vote a week later, and because of that their votes won’t count because of it? Ummmm…. that sounds normal to me.

    • Pacific coast canadian

      It was the GOP that cancelled it,not the voters,then tell the voters it wont count after they cancel it,what a load of crap.Check thewhole story first before you comment.

  • robin

    Unfortunately, voter fraud has been going on for a long time, but most Americans have been under the illusion that their vote counted. It goes on in both parties. Just remember when so many Americans contacted their representatives in outrage about the bailout, but again, they still went ahead and did it anyway. Not to be discouraging, but there have to be enough people who question the validity of the vote and back it up with facts. There have to be enough people and it has to be done continuously before our voices will be heard. The media has to pick up the story. Ask yourself why they don’t want to go there? Notice how stories get buried and then people simply don’t care. The media has the power to elevate someone or bring them down. Same with issues like this. Notice how quickly the Fast and Furious story was buried and the list goes on and on. Of course, it’s all under the guise of national security and protecting us from terrorism. Investigative journalism is almost non=existent in this country, although most people still get their news from the mainstream media. Let’s look to other countries around the world who have had to fight for free elections. Again, the media shapes public opinion. This is an issue that affects us all. Ron Paul’s spokesperson is not going there and neither is Ron Paul. That is very discouraging for us because this contest is about liberty and the right for our vote to count is on the top of the list of liberties that have been taken away. It simply has to be addressed, so I continue to watch to see what Ron Paul does about it. He can do it in a way that does not make him lose credibility. These are questions that simply have to be asked. Someone help me here because we are disappointed supporters…

    • Gloria

      If Ron Paul cries fraud, he will be labeled a nut. We the people have to cry fraud. Can it be proven? I bet we’ve never had a free election. If Ron Paul wins, the powers in the RNC won’t let him be our candidate. So sad.

      • robin

        My husband and I had exactly this discussion this morning and he said it has to start at the “grassroots” and work it’s way up. We were surprised to see Rachel Maddow have something about the huge discrepancies in Maine on her show=twice in fact. She did not take sides, but presented the facts, although her facts were not exactly correct which is a problem in the way news gets reported. Unfortunately, she is down there in exposure(cable). Of course, Fox News is on the top of the list. We suspect that the Judge was fired not because of his support of Ron Paul, but it happened shortly after he said that he no longer believed in the official 9/11 story…Again, we have noticed recently that things are coming out on the mainstream media about 9/11, and one has to ask why now? We have our suspicions, but time will tell.

    • adh1952

      I am doing a “Provisional Ballot”. It has to be manually counted.


  • This guy brags about sneaking his people in as non committed delegates for other candidates. I could care less if they screwed this snake out of everything..

  • I will write in Ron Paul, no ifs ands or buts about it. Even if Ron Paul bends and conforms and gets behind Romney, Romney will not get my vote.!

  • Baffled W/the…!

    I have called and E mailed Susan Collins in Washigton and encourage others to…202-224-5344 She is a REPUBLICAN on paper and represents the people of MAINE how can she turn a blind eye to this?

    I know where Olympia Snowe stands as she was at my town Caucus and was on the pre-made DELEGATE sheet. #1 at the top

  • I would sue Maine’s president for pulling this type of bullsh*t… first he says that they cancelled due to a ‘snow storm’ that ended up only being a powder, then he says he won’t consider any of the votes that were cast later because he cancelled it? What a fraud that guy is.

  • there is still hope america! RON PAUL 2012!

  • This is some pretty sick stuff.

  • Fraud Goldman Sachs is helping this happen

  • It sounds like gross incompetence to me, but who knows… As for declaring the winning with only 84% of the precincts completed voting and Romney with a 200 vote lead, it sound bad unless you know there where only 5,585 votes cased at all, so 200 votes in a near 4% lead and most elections would be called with a 4% lead and 84% of votes counted. Not realizing and pointing this out does also make this an incompetence news report.

    • Jayna

      I don’t think there’s a BIT of incomptence. The “sheep” are being led by folks knowing EXACTLY what they are doing.

      • gordy three horses

        thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats riiiiiggggghhhhtttt baaaaaaa baaaaaaaa