Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of a Victory?

  • Pacific coast canadian

    I think the big question here is not if Ron Pauls party is trying to cheat him but why.In asking youself why look at his platform.Everything he stands for is to help the american people.And very obviously and blatently so.If the republican party does not want someone running that has the interests of the american people at heart.Then whose interests does the person they want running have at heart.I can only think big business.And we all have seen how that works out for the people of any country.Like working in one giant Wal-Mart.Please no.

    • gordy three horses

      i think the big question here is why is the ocean blue but the water in the toilet bowl clear?

  • French Canadian

    From: Business Insider

    Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP — And It’s Driving People Insane


  • Wow

  • Do It

    Its time folks. We have no choice. Get their phones ringing off the hooks. Tell everyone you know. Go to your nearest fax machines. Send e-mails. We will win the beauty contest because we need it! NO EXCUSES! Let them hear your voice before its too late! This is our fight! ACTIVATE ACTIVISM! GO GO GO DO IT!

    [email protected]
    9 Higgins Street
    Augusta, ME 04330
    Phone 207.622.6247
    Fax 207.6235322

    • gordy three horses

      go go gophers watch them go go go

      • gordy three horses

        you got to get those gopher indians, because they say woopie doopie we have em big fun.

  • Ron Paul already won Maine with 41% of the vote. Landslide.

  • French Canadian


    I believe it is not the time to buy property. When the crash will come, these properties will be worth NOTHING. Better to invest your money in Gold or silver right now.
    Just saying.

    • Scott R

      I definately agree with you about gold and silver being a solid investment compared to what we have to pick from. You might be right about my real estate in the short term, but let’s keep some facts in mind given that I’m 33 and have a long ways to go before I retire:

      The world population is growing and the amount of land remains the same. In fact, we are now down to 1 acre of land per person. People have to live somewhere.

      My risk is small. The last property for example I paid 26K for, put 4K in, and rented for $925 a month. Sold for 108K in 06. My taxes are low as valuations fall as well which makes for an awsom cash flow of about 600 / month.

      If we get hyperinflation, my properties will rise in value giving me an opportunity to sell and pay off all my debts. If the USD goes to 0, I will collect my rent in live stock, gold coins whatever. I’m less dependant on my day job for my living expenses this way.

      Gold is good, but real estate offers a chance to keep funds coming in during a melt down- maybe they will be small, but something is better then nothing.

      • robin

        Keep in mind, during times of hardship, having a piece of land and being able to grow your own food is one of the best investments as well as being more self-sufficient=skills that you can barter with in the event that things go down hill(mechanical, farming, etc.). We wished we had gotten off the grid a long time ago, but now at our age it is much more difficult to do.

        • Scott R

          Unfortunately Robin I’m FAR from off grid… hmm or is it fortunately? My properties are all in urban areas at the moment as I’m still employed thankfully and not wanting to do a lot of driving. 3/7 of them are large lots though. 4/7 are underwater… and interestingly 3/7 (the ones I bought after the melt down) I bought out right and own. None would really be self-sustaining. It is still expensive to buy farmland here in Michigan, but it is coming down. Assuming I sold the 3 I own outright, I could probably land a 80 acre farm. I’m not ready for a 2nd economic collapse by any means. I’d prefer to keep my job and my life style and not have to grow my own food. Here in Michigan, seriously, we have already been absolutely devistated. When ever I’m at the grocery store I thank heavens that I have it so good.

          • robin

            I understand Scott. We live in Oregon and land here is very expensive. Fortunately, my husband is a self=sufficient kind of person. That’s the way he grew up, so he has many practical skills that will come in handy if we ever find ourselves in a situation where we will have to trade resources and services. I pray that this won’t happen, but we are thinking ahead. The people that already live a simple life will have the easiest adjustment in a world where they are required to do things they never had to before to survive.

      • gordy three horses

        have you ever seen hyper inflation? do you even know what it is? sell your property and make lots of money? maybe for one day then the value will be hyper inflated away just that fast. during periods of hyper inflation prices increase by the tens of thousands of percentage points daily. i have seen such things happen in africa, south america and eastern europe. i have seen a country’s currency become so worthless so fast that no business would accept the currency any more. so by all means sell your land and be rich for one day and a starving billionair the next day.

    • gordy three horses

      why don’t you put a sock in it. when you stupid frenchies all tried to succeed from canada no one wanted you, including france and the u.s.

  • Heil Hitler! Long Live Stalin! Only in the USSA!!

  • At first I was like “This, although ethically wrong, sounds more like a problem of ignoring small towns’/counties’ votes rather than some kind of scheme” but then with everything else, something stinks. Either there are loads of incompetent people behind this who need to be replaced or it’s some kind of scheme to push Romney to the top. Sadly, neither would surprise me. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive by the way…

  • The GOP Leadership wants Romney because they know it will ensure Obama’s second term.

  • Scott R

    Folks- If I may be so bold… I have been trading the stock market for 5 years now, and I have to tell you that the entire 401K “buy and hold” retirement scheme is a house of cards waiting to collapse on all of us once again when this debt unwinds. Nobody know when or how bad, but it is coming. May I suggest a stable value or hard asset type fund for all of my Ron Paul friends? I personally have already borrowed 1/2 the money out of my 401K to buy depressed property here in MI that is already 20 cents on the dollar in some places compared to 2006. The other 1/2 is in stable value for the long term.

  • American news is such the soap opera……at least the anchorwoman is hot.

  • French Canadian

    And since Matt Drudge often picks Infowars articles, maybe it will be on the Drudge Report. Yeah!

  • Scott R

    A cool color co-ordinated stress map of the world based on current debt to GDP ratios.


    Just in case you guys were wondering, the US is not the only country that has been falling victom to this credit bubble / entitlement movement. As you can see- we are in the RED which is BAD. The entire world has been experiencing this collapse since 2007 and it is no where near over. We have some rough years ahead of us, and we can ONLY trust Ron Paul to keep our rights intact during these tough times.

  • French Canadian

    Good news! The whole world will know about this fraud now.

    Infowars.com posted an article about it + the video on this site + the video of Rachel Maddow.

    Since the Alex Jones Show is the No 1 syndicated radio show in the world (+22 millions listeners)… the whole world will know about it.

    Go there:

    Maine Caucuses: Counties Ron Paul Won Were Ignored, Omitted From Final Count

  • Ron Paul money bomb happening NOW, please spread the news. ronpaul2012 . com

  • Ron Paul money bomb NOW!! Ron Paul money bomb happening NOW, please spread the news. ronpaul2012 . com

  • What does it matter, it is a straw poll and thedelagates can vote for anyone. In addition Paul does nt really count anyway because he has little support so far and in the future. Get over it.

  • sign up as a real delegate in your state right now yes if u are uncommitted its free pay for it!!!

  • Scott R

    Folks- keep posting this reminder that you can not increase spending AND cut taxes. We are now up to 15 trillion debt, that’s $200,000 owed by each family of 4. That’s more then my house is worth. Our DEBT to GDP ratio is at 102% and still rising. Historically speaking, anthing over 60% is not sustainable.


    So what will it take for people to realize what Ron Paul supporters already do? A failure of the entire entitlement system / mass riots will do it. Why not vote for Ron Paul and save what we can? (social security and medicare)

  • Blatant Fraud It happened in Iowa and Nevada as well In fact South Carolina had over 1000 dead people vote..New Hampshire Had dead people voting ..South Carolina’s pets voted Newt is a Dog ruff