Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of a Victory?

  • Did Matt McDonald ever stop to think that maybe someone’s being targeted in all this fraud? Maybe because they’re dangerous the status qoa’s little reign of terror? Why don’t he just look and see who’s being harmed by it and then do a little checking to see why that might be? But instead he’ll fix the problem by voting for Obama? Wake up little sleepyhead…wake up!… Dumb fuck!

  • this is why democrats and republicans are moving in to castrate the internet! how could we know about Ron Paul without social media. tell me how, cause I sure as shit don’t see any ron paul coverage!

  • This isn’t the only state that was rigged I assure you….

  • lets have public voting and quit hiding thats why they can stage the polls in there favor someone has a lot of power to be able to do this lets follow the money stop the fraud

  • the state is committing fraud against ron paul


  • What real news?

    I didn’t know shows like these still go on air, glad to see some light shed on the matter. 83% counted, and mit winning by 190 that is a statistical tie because math tells us that fact.

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    RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!! We Can Make It Happen!

  • Mindboggling how retarded these primaries are.

  • les

    What the Doctors’ supporters must do is demand from the GOP very publicly through local and(hah) national media that their vote be allowed to count. The brass knows they’ll have to overturn this, Charlie’s days as an important man ended when he agreed to disenfranchise their own base to create the illusion Mitt’s wheels hadn’t fallen off. But they think it won’t matter if they can delay the flip til after super tuesday. So the need is to pour on the pressure to resolve this immediately. If we succeed, the illusion of momentum they cheated to produce becomes the real thing for our man. Open letters to every outlet possible, folks, asking the GOP leadership how they expect the people of America to hand the reins of the worlds greatest democracy to people who think themselves above the process. God bless Maine. The dam has broken.

  • Ron Paul is extending is money bomb – his goal is 2 million, help out with whatever you can

  • Yes they did.


  • lets go ron paul the establishment is running scared

  • Ron Paul hands down from kitchener ontario!

  • *fathers

  • It’s time to break the silence, people. We can’t allow these corporations and corrupt officials have anymore sway in deciding our future.That right is given to US.

    I doubt our founding father desired a nation ruled by the government. The government was always intended to be for the people, and by the people. The EXACT OPPOSITE is transpiring here.

  • Charlie Webster needs to be tried for this insolent, blatant fraud. What he and the GOP have done is in direct violation of our constitutional rights. This isn’t fair for the 3 counties that went unaccounted for!

    They had their voting rights stripped from them on account for a measly snowstorm (which was *nothing*, I’ve spoken to a few people in Maine).

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  • Bruce Sarent