Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of a Victory?


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  • Treason is punishable by death. People who rig it should be held under Treason. Could be a new amendment made by Ron Paul in 2012 after a ‘civil unrest’ revolutionary coup???

  • D.

    I know a guy who thinks the repuglican ticket will consist of Jeb Bush and Sarah Palin. He says the four guys we keep seeing having nothing to do with the real race. He could be right, from what I’ve seen so far of this dog and pony show. I support Ron Paul, and I hope he’s a contender because the last thing this country needs is another b(B)ush to hide behind.

  • I hope this becomes “Maine-gate” Look at this….the establishment gets a two-for-one deal out of it; not only do they cheat him out of a win, but if Ron Paul complains about it he marginalized as a conspiracy nut. What now? Bring Jimmy Carter in to monitor GOP elections?.

  • just like the lottery its ALL RIGGED

  • What really needs to happen is to hold those who rigged the vote accountable. It should be made a treasonous crime and the penalty should be stiff and harsh.

  • U. S. Military

    We should call in the US Military to help get this democratic voting process organized.

    They’ve had enough practice building democracies all over the world, maybe they could do it here too.

  • French Canadian

    I am reposting the same comment as I did last night, since people seems to not have seen it:

    RELAX folks. Here is some really good news:

    Ben Swann: Maine GOP Releasing ‘Corrected’ Caucus Numbers, Why There May be a New Winner on Saturday – Feb 16 2012

  • Comments on many pro Ron Paul clips reek of A3P.

  • For the love of god, everyone send this to everyone and tell them they HAVE to watch it! It’s PROOF of VOTER FRAUD!!

    RON PAUL 2012

  • I just want to say this.. Run up on Ron Paul the wrong way I might murk ya.

  • this is why a 2 party system is bad. It is pure corruption.

  • maine isnt the only place there was voter fraud. everyone look up “2012 GOP primary: unmasking vote manipulation”

  • Give Charlie Webster his pink slip and give Ron Paul his first place trophy, did I say trophy, I meant trophies, plural meaning more than one damnit!

  • FASCIST!!!!

  • Why aren’t the local Militia, Military, And Deputies Manage the Ballot Counting Locations Around the Country…… “WITH THEIR GUNS and a SHOW OF FORCE” Making the greedy Fuks that Allow this Deception to happen — TO SECOND GUESS BEING SCUMBAGS?
    Why isnt Alex Jones speaking up on these issues right now and calling for reinforcement of ballot management and ballot verification?
    Seriously USA, fuuuuk, comon the whole world needs you guys to get Ron Paul into the White House. I am CANADIAN.

  • How does this sound?
    Ron Paul President
    Rand Paul Vice President
    Jesse Ventura Secretary of Defense
    Judge on the Supreme Court
    Peter Shiff Economic Advisor
    Joe Rogan heads the DDA (Drug Distribution Agency) this should replace the DEA
    haha thumbs up if this sounds good

  • The DA needs to investigate, voter fraud must be punished

  • Feb 11 – Maine

    Feb 28 – Arizona, Michigan

    March 3 – Washington

    March 6 – Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermon and Virginia

    March 10 – Kansas, Wyoming and U.S. Virgin Islands

    March 13 – Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi

    June 26 will be the last of the Republican primaries ending in Utah.

    If ron paul doesn’t win he sucks!!!!
    Remeber the one with the most delegates win and ron paul is way behind