Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of a Victory?

  • Don’t worry guys. If you know your history, you know what it takes: An empire in decadence, civil wars, dark ages and 14 centuries later…revolution. That’s how humanity works. Jews know it. They survives over 60 centuries. They saw enough. They know when to pack and go. So do I…

  • You guys scream “voter fraud” so much that when it actually happens no one is going to take you seriously. Voter fraud is a serious allegation and you need solid evidence to back it up.

  • We already have an illegal as president- Obama. Now we have an illegal as the GOP candidate- Romney.
    Only Democrat Party officials excel Republican Party officials in voter fraud.
    The whole political system is a scam and it is becoming all too obvious that individual citizens will have to personally go to Washington DC and rescue the government from Democrat and Republican whores.

  • It is absolutely possible to defeat voter fraud.

    A “color revolution” is traditionally used when voter fraud is expected. Voters wear clothing that indicates the color of their candidate, making it possible to count the ballots by merely watching folks enter the polling place.

    Also, overwhelming numbers defeat voter fraud by making it too obvious. That’s where you come in, by encouraging potential Ron Paul voters to GET TO THE PRIMARIES.


  • How does this sound?
    Ron Paul President
    Rand Paul Vice President
    Jesse Ventura Secretary of Defense
    Judge Napolitiano Attorney General
    Peter Shiff Economic Advisor
    Joe Rogan heads the DDA (Drug Distribution Agency) this should replace the DEA
    haha thumbs up if this sounds good

  • such a disgrace you cant beat a rigged game thats why the casino always wins

  • Is America turning into the west bank when it comes to votes, you all got to remember how young bush got in, same as this vote rigging, you better watch these votes very close. you know that they will rigg them, make sure to make this info as public as you can, Ron Paul is the best man to bring America back to the people for the people, take back the republic, bring back the republic, and wishing you all the best from Ireland…

  • If your a true patriot, No fk that a true HUMAN BEING please lisen to this
    watch?v=la1ke_h-KRs The whole thing please this man speaks truth and I feal the ron paul supporters can relate/understand this.

  • Here is the thing, IF they keep Paul off the ballot for the November vote, WRITE HIM IN!!!! Do not skip out on voting, you the voter have the right to WRITE IN a person you prefer.

  • Here is the thing, IF they keep Paul off the ballot for the November vote, WRITE HIM IN!!!! Do not skip out on voting, you the voter have the right to WRITE IN a person you prefer.

  • Of course they did

  • Ron paul is an idiot an he supports isolationism hes tricking you into thinking that its actually a good idea. its just another step of turning america into a communist country like north korea dont vote for the scum bag

  • Without Ron Paul in the White House, the USA will implode I’m saddened to say. It will bring the rest of us down with it.

    Are the Maine results going to be recounted today now that the ‘snow storm’ has cleared and people can get to the ballot box ?

    If not, you all might as well emigrate now .

    UK for Rob Paul

  • Ron Paul you can’t stop him!

  • I completely agree with the gentleman from Maine. If Mitt Romney “wins” the nomination, then I’m withholding my vote.

    Eat it, Establishment.

  • I’ve got to say…I posted on my FB page….a month ago…I will vote for Ron Paul or Obama….no other…

  • Legalize cannabis, End the Fed!

  • It’s all fixed!

  • Fraud = Prison…. Let the hammers slam….!!

  • I am the last one to believe in these kinds of conspiracy theories but slowly i am starting to believe that there is a strong powerful force (which is u to no good) that wants Governor Romney to win WH. something very dangerous is going on behind the curtains.