Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of a Victory?

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  • So how is Ron Paul suppose to win when continuous voter fraud keeps occurring across the nation?


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  • Well…Fox News is at least not so terrible in my eyes now. haha

  • Fraud

  • ray keith

    I dont know anyone that speaks up for Mittens Romney……Ron Paul is the voice of the people! No army can stop an idea whos time has come

  • the whole world knows that Ron Paul is the last chance for the US. still, americans vote for santorum, romney and gingritch. WHY IS THAT?

  • “instructed not to read any of the votes aloud”??? Well I guess its harder to rig an election televised to the entire country than to do so behind the curtains.

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  • Are the revised totals going to be released for Maine , including all those shown towns shown originally as zero and those voters who were told to go away because of a ‘snow storm’ ??

    I would love to see Ron Pail made the winner. It would be interesting to see how the main stream media report that victory ? 😀

    UK for Ron Paul

  • I like the anchor that introduces Ben.

  • I am a 56 year old hard working dad that wants something of this country left for his kids so i swtched parties and will vote for paul.I tell people at work,too.

  • I also noticed that mitt had 27%,santorium had 21%.Newt had less than 8%.That totals up to 56%.On mainstream news they never mentioned what percentage R.Paul got.So am I to assume that he got 44% ????

  • Washington County straw poll came in yesterday 4 for Gingrinch, 57 for Santorum, 80 for Romney and 163 for Paul. 17 out of 18 caucases in Waldo County were reported 0 votes for all candidates by the GOP. Looks like Ron Paul won Maine. People in Maine should call for Charlie Webster to resign immediately. Your votes were not acknowledged by the GOP. Thats basically saying your voice does not matter.

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  • Any word on when the new results will be announced in Maine?

  • Ron Paul for Just Cause!

  • RON PAUL! FK ROMNEY, the rich bastard couldn’t care less for the people of America.