Ron Paul Rally in Twin Falls, Idaho

  • GOOO RON PAULLLL!!!! from your canadian friends up north

  • Im in Europe, the whole world needs Ron Paul, this is not just a US matter.

  • Simple question: Which politician every in world history had more than 100 songs for him?? . . . AND counting. Measure the man with music 😉
    Watch a huge playlist for Ron Paul, includes many hip hop and music tracks – all select videos
    Always hit like/dislike , if your opinion matters, show it !
    ♥ Power to Paul ♥ 2012

  • Since when does abiding by the Constitution make you an extremist? Why do we give foreign aid to other when we can’t even take care of our own economy? Why do we blow up bridges in the Middle East and repair them when we can’t even take care of our own infrastructure? Why are we worrying about the borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan when we can’t even take care of our own borders between the U.S. and Mexico? Why do we have a national bank when the founding fathers warned us against one? RP!

  • in o nly 2 states both senators voted NO to NDAA:
    Idaho and Oregon

  • we need him! and i say that as a Dutchman 🙂
    ron paul! now or never! please usa, wake up and vote this true man! he is a real person. not bougth by lobbys.
    thank you citizens of usa.

  • How much you wanna bet that they are going to try to screw Ron Paul in the Caucus in Idaho, if he wins, like they did in Maine and Nevada?

  • Ron Paul 2012 from Arkansas!!

  • We need Ron Paul more than ever. It’s down hill fast if we don’t cast our votes for him. Last chance America to get it right, or be prepared to live under tyranny. Ten more years of war, or worse…

  • Peel more skins than idaho potatoe

  • Don’t let us down Idaho!!! Vets for RP 2012!!

  • a vote for ObamNey is a vote for Tyranny.
    Ron Paul 2012

  • Meanwhile Mitt Romney and Rick Sant- CLICK

  • Make sure there’s voting transparency from every state from here on in – do not ALLOW another Maine fraud to occur.Demand tapes counting of votes- we KNOW Dr Paul is front runner – Ron Pau or ono one

  • The peace, freedom and prosperity movement is gaining momentum. It’s time to redouble our efforts!
    Ron Paul can and will win IF we all get behind him and give it our all. One man can’t do it alone. This is our fight, our cause, our future. The Founding Fathers pledged “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor”. It will take nothing less today.
    Give something. Do something. Then repeat.
    ronpaul2012(dot)com ronpaulcountry(dot)com

  • Paul / Napolitano 2012

  • Ron Paul for President 2012. From Sweden we need you too. The world needs Ron Paul.

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  • 1000’s of people are seen where ever he goes whilst the other candidates are paying for their supporters, yet when the votes are counted Ron Paul doesn’t get a win? something stinks.