Ron Paul Rally in Twin Falls, Idaho

  • My favorite Ron Paul quote “We ought to have the ability to keep the fruits of our own labor!” Amen. I can be more productive with that money than the government can.


  • Ron Paul or our country will continue to go the wrong direction..

  • Please go to Fox news “Fox and Friends” And vote in the Poll. Thank you.

  • trust no one man in a broken failed system…fundamentally corrupt to the core.

  • Sign my…?…fuck…sign my baby!

  • > this is real, unbiased reporting! bravo KIDK 3 !!

  • I don’t think anyone could foresee the massive robbery the mainstream media has done to Ron Paul this time around…in 2007 it wasn’t half as bad. This is just amazing…we need to really take over these MOFOS.

  • Germany is looking for a president at the moment. They don’t have a Ron Paul to choose.
    You americans don’t know how lucky you are. Austria has a bilderberg attendee as president, Germany will get one

  • This man makes me want to be an American.

  • 1:34 Ron Paul was asked to sign a baby! hahahahaha. Gotta love local news.

  • When the rest of the world is telling us RON PAUL what does that mean America!!!

    Ron Paul 2012 Buffalo NY!!!!

  • I love Ron Paul. If he gets elected, other world leaders must be worried if he gets elected. Would other nations drop the income tax? I doubt it.


  • Ron Paul 2012 from Kitchener Ontario Canada!!

  • I love you Ron Paul! From Singapore!

  • I’m glad to see that there is now, again 500 characters in the comment box and not the 200 that I found yesterday. But, I am still mad because on Dr. Paul’s Channel is still limited to 200.
    None of the other president hopefuls have this restriction.
    Hey YouTube WTF?

  • Hey everyone, just a pro-tip….showing support on pro-Ron vids is rather redundant because we’re all already voting for him. Do this on pro-Mitt or Rick videos to spread the message 🙂

  • Look at what the feds take out of you paycheck every week, wouldn’t you like to keep this? I sure would!

  • since about forever it seems

  • I can’t understand how someone with a sane mind could listen to this man speak and not come out a supporter.