Ron Paul: When the Republic Returns

Ron Paul draw a remarkable crowd of more than 1,350 supporters and undecided voters in Twin Falls, Idaho today. It was the first of many events comprising a three-day, multi-stop visit to the key caucus states of Idaho and Washington.


  • JustWokeUP Canadian

    OK Gordy! You either are making a living by discounting Ron Paul on this site or you need to get a life. Do you know how many times you have posted on this site. I lost count after a couple of pages. Get outside…get a girlfriend…whatever floats your boat… Get off the computer and vent your anger through a healthy and legal outlet. I can tell you lost hope…you have lost too much time here. Do something that benefits you.

    Why do you care so much about Ron Paul anyways? Ron Paul is exceptional! He is the last chance for America and I think and hope the last man standing in the race! His ideas’, his plans for the USA are the best plans over any other candidate. Without Ron Paul the Federal Reserve would not be getting any attention… more people are waking up by the second. If the US dollar goes so does the world economy not just the USA….and if that happens where all done.

    Vote for Ron Paul! I wish I could! Peace and Liberty be with you all! Vote for Ron Paul!

  • We were not only meant to be slaves, we were designed!! by DNA manipulation, to be slaves. Look at the website and read the translations of the Sumerian texts. Search google for “elongated skulls” and realize how big our brains really should be and how small they have given to us. There are very powerfull forces that have been here on earth and in space from the cradle of human civilization 250.000 years ago and long before. This hypothesis cannot be put aside anymore, too many information is being discovered that points towards this possibility and it has large consequences for Ron Paul’s campaign.

  • mountain man

    Gordy Me thinks you are 1 horse short to pull your wagon

  • French Canadian

    Oh My God! They really fear Ron Paul.

    Read this despicable article:

    Military Top Brass Tell Troops Not to March in Ron Paul Rally

  • Mark

    Let’s go Idaho!!!

  • gordy three horses

    you know what, i do not care what you ass clowns think, because you all come on here and act like you are doing something really important by fawning all over ron paul, well let me tell you something ron paul is not that great of guy, he may be the best president material we have right now but that is not saying much when you look at all the others running against him. i bet most of you are unemployed , over fed and under screwed. if you people are an example of patriots than this country is finished. all this site is is nothing more than a gossip page that you all use to fill your miserable existance with something you think is important, and to pass the time away. god i bet it must be awful to be you people.

    • I’m not unemployed, but do not worry. If I ever fired, it will ask you a penny. Usually when someone enters the forum of a person, is because he feels an affinity for this person. It is not flattery, but sympathy. The strange thing is that one part when you get angry if someone congratulates the forum owner. And then, or has an ego problem, or is coming to boycott the forum …

    • Scott R

      Gordy… wow seriously? Let’s see… I have a 8-5 m-f job as a electrical engineer. I own and mangage 7 rental properties… I’ve traded stocks for 5 years. I have a wife that’s 9 months pregnant… I am not here out of bordom. No politician has EVER inspired me like RP. I have become engulfed in politics, foreign policy, economics, freedom ect. all since this whole thing fell apart in 2008 and how our rights and prosparity are systematically being taken away. I am upset that it is happening to the good people of the world when we can stop the bleeding. I see a opportunity in electing Paul to take a step forward, and all you can do is sit here and bash everyone for supporting someone that in your mind isn’t perfect. I ask you Gordy… are YOU perfect? Heck I voted for Gore before I knew better because back then I thought all republicans were evil demons who wanted to polute the world. See how much things can change thru education?

  • robin

    Thank you to the people in Maine who spoke up and because of your efforts, the GOP is going to recount the votes in Maine. I did want to share a story my husband told me about that was very encouraging. A computer programmer decided to do a little investigation about the voting tallies in South Carolina and this is what he discovered. The results were linear, which is not suppose to happen because it’s never that consistent. He discovered that with a simple algorithm that a middle school or high school student could do, you can put that into the computer and then it will create these linear results. He saw a pattern that as soon as the voting totals exceeded 300, the votes cast for Paul suddenly switched to Romney. The votes for Gingrich and Santorum were also linear. It just doesn’t happen like that. The engineers that frequent this site said that if they had these kinds of results they would go back and recalculate because something was amiss. He plans to take the results from New Hampshire and Florida and see if there is a pattern. Love when people do something positive to document an injustice.

  • Greetings to “Gordy” … I see that you are the political commissar of this forum. Got answers for everyone. And it does not seem to feel comfortable here. I wonder how much you pay for littering this forum. For my part you can get quiet, because Ron Paul is kind enough to have a website in Spanish. People like you are everywhere. Also in Spain. Contribute nothing and complain about everything. I’m sorry I bothered. You can be at peace, because as I said this is my farewell. Greetings to others too. Those who participate in good faith, keep fighting …

    • robin

      You are absolutely correct Miguel. Let this be an important lesson in the message that Ron Paul talks about and that is following the Golden Rule, especially when someone tries to drag you down. I’ve found people in other countries to be much more mature and aware. Some people create positive changes in their communities and other people simply complain. For some, pissing people off is like an opiate or drug that makes them feel alive. We’ve taught our children if they don’t like something, then they have a choice to change it. There are so many who need help-starting with kids in school and that’s what people do who care about others and their communities. Instead of complaining, they do what they can to create positive changes in their own life and then it extends outwards. Those are the people that have made a difference in my life-LIVE BY EXAMPLE……

      • Thanks for your words. I care much what happens in America, because Europeans and Americans are part of the same civilization, the West … America is our country and lighthouse. I’ma fan of the Huntington thesis as you can see. Long ago from Spain many friends admire the ideas of Ron Paul and his integrity. So we followed him closely. His political line seems the only way to correct the situation. Just your own slogan says it all. “Ron Paul: When the Republic Returns.” Today to end 1984, need 1776. Greetings …

        • robin

          Yes Miguel. We are all part of the same civilization, and unless we work together, it will be our undoing. Everyone has an important stake in the future of this planet. Thanks for showing you care. I never had a chance to travel to Spain, but I know our Spanish teacher here speaks highly of her travels there. People are people no matter where you go. That’s what I have learned in my short time on this planet. I also know there are so many people in pain and live in fear, and I try to remember that when someone pushes my buttons…

          • True, we have reached a point where we can only solve our problems together, but we can not expect our politicians, because they serve their masters and not the people. So we have to wake up and resist. Turn off the TV and concentrate on what really matters …

  • robin

    Now you see why wars start…..People push other people’s buttons….The need to be right….We certainly haven’t evolved very much as humans…