The Fight for Maine Is Far from Over

  • Fuck Rachel Madow.


  • USA is the next north korea.

  • Awesome job as always

  • Sounds like voting fraud in third world countries

  • A psy-op pretending to suggest the exposure of corruption while promoting the illusion of fair play, in an attempt to diffuse what it already perceived by many as blatant example election fraud

  • when have elections ever been canceled due to weather..and what a magical storm ..only was going to hit one county..

  • a good lawyer needs to gather the evidence and take the GOP to court for election fraud…judge napolitano would be a good one to do this…

  • theyre going to recount. thats not what was is needed. they are going to fudge the fucking numbers now. we need supposed 0’s tallied and washington to count. thats it. no fucking recount from crooks

  • Here’s the thing, GOP: You guys are going down the DRAIN. You are circling, as I type this, and is THIS sort of garbage that the younger generation (Who YOU NEED) are so ticked off over. YOU FOOLS.

  • To all those trolls out there saying this was just a conspiracy theory by “Paulbots”. STICK THIS IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!!

  • See — watch the vote 2012 dot com. —– Ron Paul wins with 41% of the vote.


  • USA needs election observers, like any 4th world country….

  • Ben Swann is scaring the elites…

    People are actually hearing he truth!

  • Too bad the rest of the MSM Presstitutes are bought off by the mega rich corporate interests.

  • The corporate big boys are shitting bricks, I smell their FEAR.

    THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT! THIS IS WHERE THEY DIE! (metaphorically speaking).

  • Fight fraud when you see it. Ron Paul is the frontrunner period. Take America back from special interests. Ron Paul 2012 Baby!

  • Ben Swann delivers the Truth!
    I would be most honoured to meet Mr. Swann,
    shake his hand, snap a photo, AND
    THANK HIM, BEN SWANN, on behalf of us and US!

  • The Maine GOP chair is a obvious RomneyBot.

  • Simply disgusting how the AmeriKan weigh has drifted, the more I research, the more I find how awful this system is, and the evil establishment that controls it