The Fight for Maine Is Far from Over


  • I must really like Ron Paul to put up with watching all these Madow videos.


  • Jorge

    Make it count!!!!!!!!!!

  • So has Maine’s GOP chairman resigned yet?!?

  • Alstor

    It’s ironic that the US accuses other countries of fixing elections. It is the US that fixes all its elections and does not have democracy. It is the US that attacks other countries. It is the US that is a rogue state with an authoritarian dictatorship.

  • Ron Paul the choice for those that do not like taxes, war, corruption, bailouts, government telling you how to live your life and freedom in general. For all those who do like those things please just pick any of the others, they’re all the same

  • CndLuvRon2

    This is getting bad. Nevada was fishy too. Wouldn’t suprise me if Ron Paul won both those states. They can’t report this or his momentum would explode! Give Ron Paul headlines and publicity, never!

    What has America come to? Are elections fair even?

    Wow. Ron Paul win or lose you will be remebered in history. You sir have started something no one can stop. Freedom will win! Ron Paul is waking everyone everywhere!

  • Noel Bartholomew

    Did the eight missing precincts went to Ron Paul in Iowa?

  • 5:46 like he would say that it did have something to do with politics, duh

  • Chris Gardner, who the hell?? Is this guy?? Look at him.

  • Is Rachel Maddow really this unpopular that they actually have her say something positive about Paul?

  • So now Ron Paul is ahead in Maine by 61 votes.

  • Damn I hate Maddow

  • Maine is a bunch of corrupt idiots.

  • take other people land, property, and other assets because they are sly. Truth and right must be fought for as well … not just liberty and freedom.

  • I am optimistic with so many coming to understand more about liberty. But, I find that certain things are not codified by law which others would use to take advantage. Thus those with more $ can .

  • The MSM toadies have been pushin that toadie Romney since the start…….he will never win against Obammy, he just wont have the votes…….Make mine Ron Paul heavy on the LIBERTY….

  • Why the fuck does the “Obama channel” want to push for Ron Paul??? Something stinks Rachel……..

  • I appreciate the coverage from Rachel on this issue, but the only reason she’s covering it is because she’s gleefully seeing the GOP self-destruct, which to her means another 4 years of Obama.

  • Ron Paul FTMFW