The Fight for Maine Is Far from Over

  • Jamie

    but can we believe them?

    If Romney gets 200 votes and Ron Paul gets 300 votes, then i guess that would mean Romney has 58% of the vote?

    I’m scared there will be no jobs if Romney is “voted” in so i’m trying to audition for the Republican vote counter.

    And to think, Americans had a cheek to laugh at the Russians! People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Gardner looks like a chap who’s just taken a big bite of a poop sandwich!

  • get em!
    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Why is everyone making fun of Maddow? She talked about this when nobody else in the media would. Grow up a bit and appreciate the fact that someone in the media actually cares about election fraud.

    • Chris

      Oh, she’s “covering” it alright, but she’s been lying, twisting words, and pretty much downplaying it as much as possible.

      Also, yeah… I agree with other people. She’s just annoying as f**k. I was going to try and follow one of those other links that said they might have actually had Doug Wead’s actual response, but I was so annoyed by her voice and mannerisms that I closed it.

  • For anyone reading this, what’s going on in Maine? Have they decided who won? I thought a recount was supposed to be today?

  • hahaha!!!! They do really think we are that stupid!!! Gov-EARN-ment RON PAUL save us a

  • it’s called “Corruption”…..

  • The GOP establishment controls the votes, so of course they’re going to make sure their guy Romney wins and Ron Paul loses. I saw this coming before the election started. This is why Ron Paul needs to concentrate on running as a 3rd Party candidate.

  • That guy does not look to happy.

  • People are waking up.

  • Why is Wead lying about 2008 results…..he should take an example from his boss and not lie.

  • It is a hot mess in Maine! Sounds like some shady business is going on in Maine’s GOP.

  • This news show is the ONLY honest thing on TV. Watch it, or the internet… all else is pretty much international banker controlled bullshit.

  • what bout the eight counties in iowa that disappeared

  • They want to defer it until March 10 for donations from evil super elite to skew the vote in exchange for huge donations/bailouts to the counties.

  • The results came in from Washington County: RP lost.

  • Poop on a stick!!!

  • Current GOP leadership, what a bunch of ass hats!