The Fight for Maine Is Far from Over

  • we are awake

  • we are awake

  • That woman is seriously annoying.

  • Yay-Ron Paul won both in Maine and in Iowa;
    you can’t keep the people silent, Americans are waking up and we know Ron Paul is the best man for the job 🙂
    VOTE RON PAUL 2012


  • Do you find it weird that instead airing Doug Wead’s interview with him speaking his “argument”, they decided to have Rachel tell you what he said, while showing a video of him saying it???? Bye the way I saw the original interview. And ONLY Rachel said, “He said its a conspiracy against Ron Paul!.” Thanks Rachel! You couldn’t have said it better than Doug….? Wait I’m confused, DOUG WEAD’S A CONSPIACY NUTJOB?!!!!! Guess I’ll have to vote for Mittens now.:(

    • Amer Ican

      Doug said Paul had a stronghold in Washington county. He never said RP won Washington county. She twisted Doug’s words and said: “Doug said RP won Washington in 2008”

  • votes should never be counted in secret

  • Well it’s now Sunday Feb. 19th. Soooooo???? What are the numbers??! Wher are they??!! You MEDIA pricks do NOT get to pick our president! Or do you?

  • French Canadian

    I’ll bet you anythig that in the new results, Mitt will have increase his numbers over Ron Paul.

    And that my friends, will just be a bigger fraud from these liars. They want to humiliate you. Don’t fall for it, Get a new recount. Nothing will stop these scumbags.

  • Haha Ron would of won, Ron is the real front runner lol !!

  • Maine didn’t have a Caucus, they had a CockAss!

  • Good job Rachel Madcow.

  • I swear they pick the most unflattering pictures of ronpaul and mitt romney

  • Rachel Maddow excited about RON’s chances?

  • Rachael still misses the big story. Ron Paul is my president period.

  • RP videos=viewcount fraud!!!

  • YT or TPB “Hacking Democracy” (This whole voting system is flawed. You might as well flip a coin and if it doesn’t land on the proper side, you flip again until it does.)

  • how long does ben have to have this channel before he can get a partnership the YT? That channel deserves the potential revenue. Truth is so refreshing.

  • I’ve never been so happy to hear Rachel Maddow!