The Fight for Maine Is Far from Over

  • This guy look like a stooge a bought off stooge

  • I’m a fully straight guy… and I think Rachel is kinda pretty :p

  • Maddow lied – she misquoted Doug Wead – the interview with him on her show is on YouTube.

    Oh, yeah. She works for MSNBC.

  • 4:19 – why was Missouri ‘ridiculous’ and ‘did not mean anything’?

  • Whatever you believe about this woman…she is still feeding you disinformation.

  • Chris

    Lol, the supposed poll results “went to spam.”

    Yeah, that’s exactly right. They probably are spam to him because he wouldn’t want the real results, wouldn’t open them, and definitely wouldn’t record them.

    But that explanation is funny, isn’t it? Both in the humorous sense and suspicious sense. If you didn’t happen to get the results for certain cities and counties… wouldn’t you WAIT until they arrived instead of declaring a winner with exact vote counts? And if results still hadn’t come in, and you were wondering what was wrong, wouldn’t you try and get in contact first? Regardless, you still wait. You don’t go posting incomplete results as final with blatant columns of zeroes for each caucus.

    And really, what kind of excuse is that anyway? Is this guy some kind of techtard that STILL doesn’t know the “check your spam folder” procedure? If that’s the case, why would he plan the procedure around using his computer? Oh, wait, did he have someone else handling results but was so daft that the person he hired to do a computer-related job wasn’t good at using computers? If this wasn’t outright fraud, the guy must be pathetically incompetent.

    But I’m not buying that load of mixed elephant and donkey shit. There’s been way too many “coincidences” in this year’s GOP caucus alone.

  • What a bitter Lesbo

  • What a bitter Lesbo

  • I like her

  • I like her

  • Racist Rachel

  • There has been FAR too much fraud taking place in this election cycle for us to actually believe that some of this is not taking place intentionally. Do they really expect us to believe that the primary/caucus system is SO inefficient that the majority of states have had huge mistakes made in the process? I call BULLSHIT, the GOP is stacked against Dr. Paul.

  • the fix was in. what a joke USA is….corrupt and amoral…

  • when i post i am usually positive, but i am feeling grim today, i have watched so many innocent children get torn apart by bombs, etc., just people trying trying to live, while the powers that be are hellbent on slaughtering civilians…i have followed this election quite carefully, and will continue to, but when will the people wake up to the fact that history will always repeat itself as long as insane bigshots continue their domination…they will never leave us alone, they will never stop…

  • “The Country cares about this stuff” because it “shapes the narrative of the race” – I’d rather my politics not be a story book fantasy, thank you very much.

    Release the votes immediately.


  • how does large county votes go uncounted?? For God’s sake people how do you mess something like this up ! Twice!!

  • a few things i am resigned to now, and i say this with a heavy heart…elections are totally rigged, we are headed for economic collapse, and ww3 is on its way…just waiting for it to all unfold…thanks a lot you banksters, world powers, and mega-corporations, i’m sure you are thrilled everything is going along so nicely, and just as you’ve planned…we slaves are constantly reminded how you hold all the cards, and how we are mere pawns in your hideous game…what a beautiful world you’ve made

  • who cares if she’s a lesbian and dresses like a guy, she’s the only one in the media even covering this Maine story

  • The corruption in the Republican party is sickening! The leaders hate Ron Paul because he would take their power away and give it back to the people – where it belongs.

  • How can this fraudulent retard show his face on national zionist TV?