The Fight for Maine Is Far from Over

  • land of the free, liberty and democracy? ha, and yet they preach their shit to international countries! USA is no longer the country it was! Just a cesspool of crap and corruption,
    hmm Civial war?


  • go here and vote for Newt or Rick to drop out.

  • It’s so obvious they cheated in Maine. I’m sure Ron Paul is the real winner!

  • Maine is stalling for time so it doesn’t effect Romney like Iowa. Unbelievable.

  • It’s hilarious that wRONg Paultard supporters think that there is voter fraud. You fools make me laugh.

  • Romney will either increase his margin of victory or paul will win. They can’t give Santorum or Gingrich a thousand votes.

  • Presidents are selected, not elected.

  • Imf and lobbyist effing up the USA and world.. Printing monopoly $ with nothing backing it. And no limits that’s where we are at today.
    Ron Paul!!.. Free market & Sound $


  • “79 more comments since you started viewing.”

    holy s**t….

  • yayyyy another video of Mr. Maddow!!!!

  • I think Rachel Maddow is like MSNBC’s version to Judge’s show witch without notice got the axe coz it was making sence unlike other shows on FOX. Give it time…i think this show will be taken out

  • I can’t believe this guy has any power at all, he looks and sounds like Elmer Fudd. I guess he was hunting Wabbits and Ron Paul was the Wabbit he shot down!

  • I cannot stand that lesbian one bit, but im glad she’s atleast covering this.

  • Could PRESIDENT PAUL win?

  • Jorge

    Lets learn from this and DEMAND the counting and registering to be made publicly… video record each prescint..

  • How do you do the right think when the wrong thing was already done and accomplished?