America Is Waking Up! Ron Paul in Kansas City, Missouri – Union Station

  • Im glad to see only 1 person here would rather be a slave !

  • How the hell is this guy losing? The answer is simply that the game is rigged.

  • Damn, wish I would’ve known about it, I would’ve been there.

  • Those who signed ndaa should be arrested and jailed for a long time plus a chance wwith a lawyer or what do you People suggest?

  • This was great! Very encouraging. Wish I could be there and be a part of this new future!

  • Ron Paul the only American Patroit in the race. No wars, no federal reserve, close the boarders, liberty, freedom the true American way.


  • They are going against the CONSTITUTION, pass the ndaa on them now.

  • Msm trying to talk let me sign Acta on them, and pass the ndaa on them?

  • I CAN’T WAIT SO SEE HIM WIN ! Revolution continues !

  • ERROR, does not compute… automatons not responding…

  • Can you repeat that msm I didnt hear ya, Im sorry, what was that you said MSM? Pardon me? Say again? Come again? WHat?

  • Ah ha Ron Paul at 33.3% and winning, leaving the rest who dont matter behind.

  • This is what a revolution looks like! We’re winning, and it feels great!

  • Ron Paul is winning the poll on fox and friends but by a slim margin, all Ron Paul supporters vote on this website, lets show them Ron Paul has strong support.

  • The revolution is growing exponentially! Let’s see the MSM stop us now

  • Is it just me or everyone in the event is so young!!???

    Wow! Thankfully things are getting better!

  • support from Ireland xx





  • Ron Paul all the the way baby!!!!