Ron Paul WINS Washington County Maine Caucus

Announcement of Ron Paul’s Maine caucus straw poll victory in Washington County Maine 2/18/2012. Total at super caucus: Ron Paul 163, Mitt Romney 80, Rick Santorum 57, Newt Gingrich 4. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to catch up to Romney statewide.


  • Ron Paul is my hero !!!!!!!

  • the sun is starting to come out god bless america and god bless ron paul and his supporters I can be there but I wish I could

  • god bless ron paul 2012we could do this america

  • Yeah Baby PRAISE GOD

  • let them say that these votes don’t count Paul can make sure no Republican gets the White House this year. haha He doesn’t have to support anybody. His supporters are not going to support others

  • It really doesn’t matter at this point. Welcome to the FORMER United States Of America. GREEED won out.

  • It really doesn’t matter at this point. Welcome to the FORMER United States Of America. GREEED won out.

  • One has to wonder how often this actually occurs. Its time Ron Paul supporters become more involved in representing the party to see we are there to verify the vote count. If a RP representative was at every count to witness and record it and they tallied them there could be no vote fraud.


  • Please go to Fox News “Fox and friends” and vote Ron Paul thank you.

  • But will the votes count? nope, not chance. P.s see what happens when the votes are counted and not fudged

  • Germany for Ron Paul 2012

  • Yeah Ron Paul n163 to Rommney 80 you can see quite clearly who has the massive majority and how they just make up the votes in the other areas.

  • I agree with pistolpackinpatriot. It’s like giving the donkey a bite of the carrot half way through the journey. Yet I still got chills knowing that the right person finally got one. sonicpacker is also right “about frickin time.

  • Congrats, Ron Paul – and to everyone here and there witnessing all of this!

  • This still wasn’t enough to offset the MASSIVE FRAUD in the other 15 counties, and every other state so far. 100% rigged and bogus.

  • I would look up the word “anticlimactic” in the dictionary, but I’m afraid it may snow tonight.

  • UK supports Ron Paul !

  • … It wasn’t enough to win the state :I

  • Thank you Maine and New Hampshire very much for showing states like South Carolina and Florida how it’s done.