Ron Paul WINS Washington County Maine Caucus

Announcement of Ron Paul’s Maine caucus straw poll victory in Washington County Maine 2/18/2012. Total at super caucus: Ron Paul 163, Mitt Romney 80, Rick Santorum 57, Newt Gingrich 4. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to catch up to Romney statewide.


  • Threatened by a Ron Paul victory in Maine, GOP (insider spills beans) adds last minute caucuses
    htt p://ww w.abovetopsecret. com/forum/thread807764/pg1

    GOP Official: Jim, is that your car? The grey one? The one with the Ron Paul sticker?

    Brother: Yes it is!

    GOP Official: Wait, are you telling me that you are a Ron Paul supporter?

    Brother: Yes I am!
    The GOP Official then looked at the Secretary. They stared at each other for a few seconds. And then he looked down at the floor.

  • Allegations Of Rampant Voter Fraud In Maine! This Is Real! Share This Please!
    htt p://ww w.abovetopsecret. com/forum/thread809518/pg1

  • I really hope, they do this recount that from Lowa to Missouri again. It will be very worthy to do it for that.

  • good 🙂

  • Jorge

    This is how election should be done. LIVE on camera and people watching every single vote counted in front of them. Lets demand it to be done like this every where else

  • Just get Paul supporters to be delegates and win the nomination. That’s what Obama did and we’re beating Romney at their own game.

  • Did the media even cover this?

  • yeah so what now? what about all the other incedents of voter fraud that are known and appeoved of by the fascist neocon gop esablishment who said they would do whatever they had to do to prevent RON PAUL from winning?? How does or will this change anything..WHATEVER HAPPENS, RON PAUL IS MY POTUS!

  • Wow Ron Paul won one county. LOL. good job.

  • This should be standard procedure in every district…!!! Defeat deceit !!!!!!!! No false tally!!!! No false flags!!! No false fed!!! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!! DOWN WITH NWO!!!

  • Why is it that every open vote has Ron Paul as the winner, but every closed vote has missing ballots?

  • This obviously must be an unrigged election.

  • See, these people want to vote Paul. Romney, Santorum and Gincrich are boring and don’t show enthusiasm for developing the country. You can tell they are just addicted to power. Paul is optimistic and can construct ideas, the rest just want control over a certain big red button.

  • Rigged and yet the media refuses to mention anything about it. This is a huge fucking deal


  • Ron Paul is the only one that we want

  • This is how election should be done. Complete transparency, LIVE on camera and people watching every single vote counted in front of them.

    Lintrestingly enough, Ron Paul always wins hands down when counted LIVE. Hm……..

  • Ron Paul 2012. Truth For All!!!

  • How could anyone there vote for Romney? He’s such a tool.

  • I wish we had our own Ron Paul here in Russia… True Champion of Liberty Ron Paul, the Incorruptible! Every country needs one.