Ron Paul Is the Choice of the Troops – March on the White House

  • Even though this video has about the same amount of pixels on my right hand, the message is very clear.

    End the Fed.



  • Wish I could gave participated!

  • President Paul is the only way this country will survive.

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  • Majority of posts have thus far been marginal. THE ONLY reason to support Ron Paul is that HE subscribes to the Principles of Liberty and is NOT owned by Self-serving Influence Peddlers [global or local] and/or UN Thugs.
    Israel has as much validity as the USA. Would the folks in AZ, NM, CA, and NV care to give their sovereignty over to Mexico, I think not, so why should Israel bow to Islamic pressure to fall off the earth into the Mediterranian?

    • Don

      This response is idiotic and old. Give Germany back her territories already and shut the f*ck up. Seems to me that anything Israel does is justified by the past. Maybe that should have been so for Germany too. F*ck you.

      • Don

        P.S. F*ck Globalists that means f*ck Israel and her bleeding heart shills. AZ NM CA and NV aren’t strictly for Blacks or White Europeans or Jews, Israel has the Race laws as$hole.

        • Don

          Hey [email protected] Russian Federation called, they want Georgia back. Oh, right the Georgians don’t want to be Russians.

  • robin

    If you study history, none of the wars since WW1 were necessary. They were all manufactured to create change and move us into a globalist agenda. There is so much information out there if one wants to look into it. As far as Ron Paul, I agree that he defends Israel and that concerns us. They have committed such atrocities, but then again, so have we. Their hold on us has to end. They have played the victim role very well. I still believe that we have two choices…One, go to war with Iran and begin a chain of events that could result in WW111(what the other three candidates promote), or vote for someone who will deal diplomatically with conflicts and not provoke them when there are none. Just imagine if there was an all out nuclear assault-worst case scenario. Do you want to take a chance this might happen? Slowly information is coming out in the mainstream about the official story and 9/11, so there is definitely a plan going on. We are being prepared for something. Nothing comes into the mainstream media unless there is an objective behind it. So, I advise you to pay attention and also get your sources of news from outside of the mainstream. Since there is so much disinformation out there, you have to scrutinize your sources and verify the facts. That takes patience and time, which most people don’t have. You have to be willing to think critically and not jump on the bandwagon or let your emotions or personal opinions stop you from being objective. Someone recommended a book by General Smedley Butler=Marine Corp Brigadier General under FDR called War is a Racket. I know about him because he was involved in a plot to assassinate FDR. He was asked by Prescott Bush and others to get rid of him, but he refused and went to FDR. The problem is FDR did not want this story to come out(thought it would create panic), but there is actual testimony about this treasonous plot in congressional hearings that Smedley participated in. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”. How many Americans know about this and so many events in history that were buried? So, I suspect he was privy to inside information about their plans. They wanted to create a fascist state and why corporate fascism and communism have merged together to work towards a globalist agenda. I never understood before why these different factions were working together. Many players around the world. If you follow the money trail, Rothchild was behind the Russian Revolution and the backing of people like Lenin and Trotsky and helped fund the Communist Manifesto and the Cultural Revolution in China…The list goes on and on and is still going on today if you do your homework. No one person can save us, but we have to start somewhere and who else has a better plan? No one that I can see. I also believe that the economy has been manipulated for years, and they can make it go under any time they want, so better to do something and have some control, then nothing at all. Just imagine the widespread panic and chaos letting a free economy(which is not free) take it’s course. It is being controlled and has been for some time. That’s where the Federal Reserve comes into the picture and why we have to get rid of it. There are so many things going on that we simply don’t know about, and why we have to pay attention to connect the dots..

    • robin

      Another book to read is The Creature from Jekyll Island about the history of the Federal Reserve. I had my high school son read it as well as many books to get him to think critically. He is the hope of a better tomorrow and we need our young people to be awake and using inductive and deductive reasoning. Also, I’ve said it many times, but The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is an excellent book to read ,or listen to her You Tube interviews. She had access to secret documents about the hidden agenda that was started in our schools during the Reagan administration. Educate yourself….Of course, there is much information about 9/11, but I recognize that most people are still in a state of denial that the official story just is so full of holes. It’s the way most people deal with being lied to on a psychological level or being traumatized. Denial/anger and then coming to terms with the truth and what to do about it. The media is a very powerful brainwashing device. Look how many times they have said Ron Paul has no chance=over and over and when will you be dropping out of the race? The unfortunate piece is this is very effective in changing public opinion. Look how the mainstream is avoiding talking about the disenfranchisement of people not only in Maine, but around the country.This brainwashing is very insidious and many don’t even know they are being manipulated. That’s what happened after 9/11. The death of investigative journalism. You have to step outside of the group mind to get a glimmer of the truth. The GOP is the new Communist Party of America. They are using every trick in the book although they abhor communism. I also don’t believe that the Democratic party is any different.

      • German Man

        WW2 happened because of Danzig. Danzig belongs to Germany. The globalists declared war on Germany long before Germany ever made a declaration. At Dunkirk the evacuation of the allies is called a “miracle” by the zionists and their fools. It was no miracle.

        You find it harder to believe that Hitler wanted to make peace with England and that he wanted England to be a strong ally against international Jewry and it’s shills.

        Goring wanted to send in the luftwaffe to eliminate the rest of the Allied soldiers, it would have been a massacre. Hitler decided to let them evacuate instead. Only idiots will not do the research and see that Hitler was made to be a scape goat and made into a demon that the Zionists have used against us for their own quest for supremacy and globalization. Israel is everything they accused the Nazis of and more. It only takes one to understand why Germany has banned anything on the Nazis in their own country for fear of Nazism returning and they teach their people only what their Zionists masters want them to tell them.

        You can’t even imagine what kind of hell the battle for berlin was, if you believe it was no more brutal than Normandy or if you believe Germans where forced to fight you are dead wrong. Germany was preparing for her death in those final months of the war. This was the people it was their spirit, something most of today’s generations could never ever hope to understand. Perhaps Israel will soon face judgement for their crimes against our races.

        • robin

          Yes, Hitler was allowed to rise to power because he was funded by Rothchild and people like Senator Prescott Bush-the father of George Bush Sr. Again, you have to follow the money trail. Now ask yourself, why someone who is Jewish would fund Hitler? I totally agree that people in this country have been brainwashed through Hollywood, the media, and this continues in our schools, etc. Just like we created monsters in other countries, we created Hitler and used him as a scapegoat. A diabolical plan to create the state of Israel. I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, the Holocaust is a taboo subject. Every other historical event is open for discussion, but if you disagree with the events that have been mythified by the media and Hollywood, you would find so many inconsistencies in what we have come to believe. That does not mean that what actually happened was horrific, but it amazes me how this seems to be the single worst event in history and the only one discussed in schools, etc. If you dare question the discrepancies as a historian, or anyone, you are quickly labeled anti-Semitic. A very convenient way to prevent anyone from researching the truth of what really happened. There have been so many acts of genocide in Russia, Turkey, etc. My problem is nothing should be taboo to discuss and investigate in history. Israel practices apartheid, so I agree that they are no different from their “German” oppressors. I suspect many in Israel(the people) don’t want war, but it is pushed on them like it is in our country and other countries around the world. Nationalism…

          • JackThompson

            Ever watch The Eternal Jew? Hitler wasn’t funded by Rothschild, he calls him and his family out on that movie. Hitler may have lied to Rothschild to get into power, I could see that, maybe that’s why part of the SA was killed during the night of the long knives. Hitler has many speeches condemning globalism and international bankers.

            I’ve watched all of the Third Reich’s films, I’ve read the unaltered version of Mein Kampf and heard all of Hitlers speeches.

            The bet thing about people today: “If you repeat a lie long enough eventually people will believe it”

            People think Hitler and Goebbels said this by referring to their speeches…’

            Why would they tell the German people that they are being lied to if they where? LoL, They where talking about International Jewry and it’s shills. Some of the arguments against the 3rd Reich are absurd. Did you know the Waffen SS had Arab units ? Even a few North Africans and Asians? People are like “So much for Hitlers Racial Purity !” What a joke, Racial purity was reserved for it’s respected lands. It was never a globalist murderous movement. Hitler never wanted war and he repeats this over and over in his many speeches.

            I don’t believe America was ever close to war with Russia after the second war. I believe they where as good of allies as they where when they attacked Berlin. I also believe Patton was murdered for his antisemitic and anti Bolshevik remarks. The hypocrisy or the Second World War and the history after is astonishing.

        • Gar

          Gdansk belongs to Poland and it has always or almost always belonged to Poland, It is town, which was built especially for Polish king in the past. And fall of Germany is just example for USA, what consequences have brutal invasions. Complete degradation of country and eternal lost of all of majority of these illegally conquered,territories, not mention 6 mln germans, who were killed thanks to hitler and his By the way, why was this war on Gdansk? Had it sense? Has sense wars of USA, no, it has no sense and it must be over and Ron Paul is just the only candidate, who wants to end it, no prolongation or something alike, but real over.
          What people write here?
          It is good that Ron Paul wants to end these invasions and make real changes. He must win, because he is the only sane, wise candidate there. No mention some of his supporters, who are not. Ron Paul should continue some most important issues of his policy like foreign policy, it is just the most important to end these all possible invasions, violance in which USA is involved, and he should continue some domestic issues: low taxes, support for middle class
          He must try to change some one or two his another issues, because some issues will be not accepted by this republican electorate ( gays, prostitutes ). He must give to understand that he is straight, he supports straight familiy ties and conventional family. Some people are upset cause of this prostitution and gay issues and he should resign from these issues.

  • oklahoma

    Gordy half horse, as long as the FEDERAL RESERVE manipulates the market, there will be no free market!!! Duh!!!!! Ron Paul 2012!!

  • French Canadian

    The REAL fight is against the BANKSTERS.

    They are the ones who created the World economic crisis. They are the ones who wants and starts the wars. They are the ones who try to enslave us by making us dependant on them.


  • French Canadian


    And by ending the FED, it will stop the inflation. The more they print new money, the more your dollar is devalued. Think about this!

  • French Canadian

    “hey frenchie, what money will those troops have when they come home and are let go,”

    These troops will be guarding your borders. How about that… hey?
    Ron Paul doesn’t want to reduce your defense, where do you get that idea? He wants a STRONG defense. .. which you don’t have right now. The troops are now spreaded everywhere doing absolutely nothing for your defense.

    I think you should seriously study his plan. You do not seem to understand it.

  • French Canadian

    I cannot see the two USTREAM videos posted here. They remain black. Maybe it is because I live in Canada.

    For foreigners who come on this site and have the same problem, here is a video you can see:

    Live Video: Troops March On White House In Support Of Ron Paul

  • Doc

    This isn’t live this is from last year, this post is from the future. Thanks for voting Ron Paul.


  • French Canadian

    Your country is broke and it will only get worse if they continue in the same direction.
    For sure many socialist programs will be terminated for lack of money if Obama, Romney or Santorum win the election.

    But Ron Paul will stop all foreign aids, which will bring back a lot of money to your country. He will bring the troops home, who will be spending their money on your land. He will cut ONE trillion dollars of useless spending in ONE year.

    Your country will improve financially. And do not forget that he said he wouldn’t let down the people who are already dependant on the government.

    But in his presidency, he will make sure that your country will head in the right direction for the sake of your future. For instance, he will permit the youth to opt out of some programs.

    Study his philosophy and you will see that under a President Paul, your country will return to its yester-year of prosperity.

    • gordy three horses

      hey frenchie, what money will those troops have when they come home and are let go, all of that money that will be saved from ending the wars and from downsizing are military, and the stopping of foreign aid will be used to pay down the debt and that will only pay down a tiny amount.

      • gordy three horses

        this country is totally screwed, just like europe is. very very hard times will be here and in canada very soon, and ron paul won’t be able to do a thing about it. i don’t hate paul, hell, i like the guy but this country is toast no matter what any body does. the note has come due and we have to pay the piper.

        • Adolf

          We need National Socialism in Europe. Your right, Ron Paul isn’t going to be able to do a thing for USA, but he still is the best choice because of ending the wars, removing them from UN and ending the Israel Firsters reign in their Government and Media and their corruption in wallstreet and the Government. Now it in Europe we could remove the UN. That would be nice. At least with Ron Paul as president Europe may be able to once again think for herself and do what’s best for her without trying to appease her rulers and following the orders of a self righteous bully who only has their own agenda in mind.

          Greetings from Germany

          • Adolf

            P.S. sorry if my English is not so bad. I believe Ron Paul can help the USA though and Europe can help our self after USA. Thanks

  • John C. R.

    Trolls here trolling, must be jealous that their candidate doesn’t have this kind of support. . .

    Don’t you have anything better to do on your day off?

    What a waste.

    • gordy three horses

      do you have any brain cells that are alive, asshole

      • John C. R.

        I wasn’t talking about you dipship.

        • TheEwigeJude

          Then who was it you where talking about to be exact? Am I a ROn Paul supporter? No. Who do I support? Anyone who is willing to pry us from the clutches of international Jewery, if even for the time being.

          Either way it buys us more time and helps make us free. Better things to do? Like what? Smoke drugs? Like you? My work is my honor and I work every day. Something a bum and or a comedian like yourself could never understand. Your the product of a degenerating culture that has been bastardized and nigg*rized by the very people you see as saints.

          Let’s grow up shall we? The Jew is not gods chosen people. Stop buying into that old Judaic fantasy and awaken before it is too late to the usury and damnation that has been dumped down your throat by the globalist supremacist enemy.

  • gordy three horses

    i bet if there was no hot spots that america has troops depolyed to, there would be no support for paul from the military, because paul will down size the military so all the bums that much off the tax payer, which is about 90% of them would be afraid of loosing their meal ticket and would not even give paul a thought.

    • gordy three horses

      but since there is more than one combat zone that are troops are being deployed to, it is only natural that the military would support the guy that would take them out of harms way.

    • gordy three horses

      i saw the quality of troops during the peace time military, most of them couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. that is why there is what you call stop loss going on right now or the back door draft going on.

  • TheEwigeJude

    All you have to do is watch the video that is my name to see what the Rothschilds are and to understand the Israeli firsters who claim to be your fellow countrymen really are. Most of you if any of you won’t though because of your bleeding heart.

    “My soul shall rise from my grave and the world will see that I was right.”

    • gordy three horses

      hey jude don’t make it bad take a sad song and make it better

    • DeutschShutz44

      I’ll have to look at it, I’ve heard it’s good and pretty factual but I’ve heard the first few mins are derogatory until it gets to the facts.

      • TheEwigeJude

        If you can remove the drunk goggles the establishment has given you you will see this and know this to be true.

  • Dear friends of this Ron Paul Campaign website: One of the main reasons of why I am support The Revolution of Ron Paul is that I have a hobby called weight-training and physical fitness. And there is thing that Bush and Obama and the US Central Bank have been doing, and that thing is printing fake dollars in order to make up for the needed US dollars to fund the expensive war machine of the zionists of the US congress and Pentagon. All that is leading to a permanent situation of inflation of the prices of the food I eat for my weight training sport and the prices of all whey protein powders and sports supplements at the protein health food stores. All that is also leading to the bankrupcy of many gyms in America and to the quitting of weight training of many weight training enthusiasts.

    So Ron Paul is the only one right now who can save the hobby and addiction of weight training and of course many other hobbies that have been destroyed by the neoliberal blue dog democrats politicians and zionist neocons republican politicians.


    • gordy three horses

      yep biz is bad all over, dresses are going up, pants are falling down and business is going into the hole

  • gordy three horses

    every one here thinks ron paul can walk on water, is ron paul going to fix the economy? NO! because it is not the government’s job to run the economy, that is what free markets are for and that is what paul will tell you after he is elected. paul will shrink the size of government, but how much will depend on congress and how often they over ride his vetos, so i don’t look to paul to do very much when he gets into the white house. i can see a lot of financial socialist programs that will be terminated, because (1) they are unconstitutional, (2) the federal government and the states do not have the money to keep them going even if they wanted to, so there will be people even worse off than they are now and i bet there will be a lot of them. don’t count on paul giving the people any handouts after the wars are stop and our military is downsized, all of that money will go to pay down the debt. i don’t look for things to get better, i look for them to get much worse, and paul will win the white house just in time to take the fall for it all to.

    • Sean

      Your right that Ron Paul won’t manipulate the markets to piece them back together, but he will form the ideal environment for economic growth by steering the government back onto the course of the constitution: Either by cutting taxes, reducing spending, ending the Federal Reserve & backing the currency. In terms of congress voting against his measures, I think that the majority of republicans and even some democrats support his fiscal policies, while the majority of democrats support his social policies that promote individual liberty. I think people are so enamored with him because he is a truly honest politician and those two words rarely find each other in the same sentence. We need more people like him in the Whitehouse.