Ron Paul Is the Choice of the Troops – March on the White House

  • Dear Americans,

    Do the favor to your Great Country and to the rest of the World



  • Obama said he would bring back the troops and now he is going to send more…..

  • Mitt Romney top 3 donors: Goldman Sachs – $521,180 /JPMorgan Chase & Co – $356,400 / Morgan Stanley -$297,550 Ron Paul Top 3 Donors: US Army – $81,423 / US Air Force – $60,739 / US Navy – $58,267 (these are all actual donations from the individual soldiers). Ron Paul gets more military donations that all other republican candidates combined. I will support? our troops – Ron Paul 2012. Source: opensecrets COPY AND PASTE THIS!

  • I thought they were marching on the white house? Is there a video of them protesting in front of the white house?

  • The most deserved candidate Ron Paul!
    Respect from Bangladesh!

  • Ron Paul is going nowhere but back to TX, where he belongs.

    This is a guy who said who would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He is also against workers’ rights, women’s rights, sensible regulation, and environmental protections. His son Rand is every polluter’s best friend in the Senate.

  • rome ,great britain etc were founded by basque people(etruscans/trojans/atlanteans/original europeans,Jesus bloodline,origin of r1b n rh neg blood)..we schooled the romans n built the colliseum etc.Btw i dont wana leave out the catalan people as they are our blood brothers…the damn romans “thanked” us by turnin on us n removing us from history…nice eh? unmask these sons of a bitch…justice damn it…


    Ron Paul’s got balls!

  • protecting the constitution is a duty .please don’t laugh

  • from thailand, dr.ron paul 2012 protecting the constitution is a duty.also a vet. ty brothers

  • to dr.ron paul supporters , from thailand , do not fight or make fun of non supporters , tell them more about the constitution and make more supporters, good luck. dr.ron paul 2012 protecting the constitution

  • EVERYONE VOTE THIS YEAR! FFSK, THE PROBLEM IS PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO VOTE, BUT PLEASE JUST FUCKING DO IT AND VOTE FOR RON PAUL; Thats the real issue; people not voting. Get out there and actually vote; Ron Paul 2012; show them this shit needs to stop!

  • Given the outpouring of support, raw enthusiasm and straight-up love for Mr. Paul’s campaign, combined with his messages of true conservatism, and as a result his (continuing) accumulation of delegates, I honestly don’t see anyone else but him being nominated as the GOP candidate. That’s my take.

  • Like and Favorite to spread awareness on youtube

  • After 4 years of Obama;

    -900 bases in 130 countries

    -an embassy in iraq the size of the vatican

    -the NDAA allows American citizens to be detained indefinetly with no trial if accused of unamerican acts

    -15 trillion dollars in debt or over 35,000 for each man woman and kid in the US

    Ron Paul predicted it all

  • John E. Rachal


    More daring Zionist raids: the USS Liberty raid, the Lavon Affair,
    the 5 dancing Zionists (after 911); need I go on further? My point
    being is JUDAISM and Zionism are diametrically opposed to one
    another!!!!!!! The Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews are the real
    Jews of this world, not the Zionist banksters and the Zionist NWO!
    Zionism = fascism! Period! JUDAISM = religion. If you think that
    I am anti-Jewish; think again. Check out these Orthodox Jewish
    websites concerning Zionism; its a real eye-opener:

    Louisiana Creole

  • RON PAUL rally on Tuesday (Super Tuesday) February 28 ..Adress: 6715 The Waterford Commerce Street Springfield,VIRGINIA 22150 Spread the message! At 6:30 P.M.!

  • Wonder what all these troops are going to do once Paul’s elected and he repatriates these patriots’ jobs?

  • Ron Paul’s followers are fascist traitors.

  • Ron Paul’s followers are fascist traitors.