Poll: Who Won the CNN Debate in Arizona?

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (93%, 8,208 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (3%, 303 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (2%, 144 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (1%, 130 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,787

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  • Congressman / Dr Ron Paul is a Moses figure amidst the Pharaonic cast of the corrupt, in his quest for Freedom of the people!


  • Roorbeer1970

    Ron Paul, Was #1 at the AZ Debates, + All the other Debates! He was Super & also had quick answers! Why, he’s the only one who make any sense & knows from serving in Congress, being the only Veteran there.He knows what our country needs to get out Mess, debt, you name it. I sure hope people were listing to what he had to say closely.Those other 2 with all that Big money, act like this all is a game, between Them. It would have nice for the media to ask him the first question 1st.He was at the first chair. Why always start in the middle & then Mr. Paul last.Probably it’s because, he had all the right answers to all the question asked. He wants to do whats best for all the people. He’s a true, Honest Poitician. Also Hope everyone saw at the end, how that Arrogant one stood up & shook, Not a regular Nice Hand Shake.to Ron Paul while he was still sitting down.Didn’t give him time to stand up. Very Poor Decision Rick. Camera’s were still rolling.

    • Surfisher

      ‘How to Chop Down the Tree of Liberty and Succeed’: A Politician’s Handbook (Chop it at the base, and the People may revolt, but a barely noticeable branch at a time, for as long as it takes, will work for sure).

      In the beginning, the Citizens had the Freedom to walk all paths. Then Government decided that some paths are not good for the people, so closed off a few paths. Now, the People had Freedom to walk a few less paths. Encouraged by this, the Government passed even more laws telling the People what other things they cannot do (because it is for their own good). Pleased with the outcome — the Citizens’ obedience — the Government went into the full-time business of Manufacturing Laws (rules, regulations).

      Since Politicians produce nothing of intrinsic value — they found their calling in writing stuff on paper, telling people what not to do (“for their own good” of-course).

      As of 2010, it is estimated that there are about 1/2 Billion Negative Laws/rules/regulations on the Books telling the People what they CANNOT DO upon threat of punishment (that’s more Laws than there are US Citizens)!

      Headlines at end of 2011 read: 40,000 New Laws in effect for 2012. Translation — 40,000 more paths each Citizen has lost the Liberty to walk. The crude graph below is for visual effect:


      Are the Citizens this blind, not to see the end result — the eventual straight-and-narrow path Government wants to dictate its Subjects to walk….

      Only Ron Paul is talking about this near complete erosion of our Freedoms — the rest are silent-partners-in-crime against our Liberty!

  • al

    Ron Paul is the greatest american since George Washington,period. Mark Levin,Rush and the rest are freaking out because Ron Paul made the rest of them look like school girls.

  • Reis

    even tho i agree that dr. Ron Paul was the winner of the arizona debate by a clear margin, i think putting a poll on a ronpaul supporter site is laughable to say the least, even if he did terribly he would still win by a mile.

    • Libertarian777

      He wins the polls on CNN, MSNBC, Fox news etc too, then they stop the poll or take the results down.

  • john m cooper

    If Ron Paul is not selected please run as an independant the 2 party has destroyed our system

  • john m cooper

    Ron Paul is the only one who is always left out of the debates he is the only one who gets it. The other 3 are ready to go to war with Iran when the republicans said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction we invaded and no weapons were found we can not afford another war like Iraq or Afganistan. What lessons have we learned from Viet Nam ? NONE What have we gained from all 3 wars ? NOTHING BUT DEAD AMERICANS. A we are doing is keeping them from killing each other because of thier hatred for one another.Wake up republicans your a joke and your debtes look like comedy central

  • Melody Lavorin

    A true moral Christian he is everything we need in this world, not the fake American idiots that are so willing to murder our children for lies told by our government.

  • meha

    Dr Paul was amazing.The real thing about RP is he does not have to pretend to be something he is not. THE ONLY HONEST PERSON RUNNING SO FAR.

  • Libertarian777

    This was by far the best debate for Ron Paul. Even though he didn’t get as much airtime as Romney or Santorum, in this case it worked massively in his favour.

    The moderator gave them both so much time to speak, they ended up contradicting themselves and showing inconsistencies and logical absurdities. RP was the most ‘presidential’, being above the fray of the petty bickering about whether the government should fund this vs that, and instead staying consistent and saying the government should not be involved. Period.

  • CarolO

    President Obama won last nights debate again.

  • Angela Baxter

    Until a friend of mine turned me on to Ron Paul, I had been completely turned off by anything that had to do with politics and the government, feeling hopeless that there would ever be an “honest politician”. That this country was doomed with corrupt and evil ways beyond the peoples control. Listening to Ron Paul, makes me question how there can still be other GOP’s running? Who or what did they do, to still have people backing them? There should be no question in anyones mind, no other GOP candidate can hold a candle to Ron Paul, he blows each and every one of them out of the water. He is my hero, he brings back hope to this country! Listen to how he actually answers questions in a straight forward, honest way that you can undertand, in fact, he makes perfect sence! Since when have we heard a politician do that? There is no comparison, I can’t stress enough! If he does not win, then I will surely loose all hope in America and will fear what hell will be awaiting us. Martial Law, Prison Planet…it will be coming with a vengeance! America no more. Be afraid, be very afraid! Wake up! He is our only hope!!!!

  • French Canadian

    When the host said to Ron Paul: “Quickly”, I loved when he answered back: “NO, not quickly…”

    Way to go!

  • Gary Houston

    Go to Mitt Romney central.com and there is a list of 7 polls to vote in. Paul is cleaning HOUSE.

  • Tim

    “Because he’s fake” Dr. Paul answers unabashedly! Wow! Such honesty. Such forthrightness. Such a lover of truth and unafraid to speak it freely. Man I’m starting to love this guy!!!! I hope Paul maintains this level of increased aggression. He’s not mean spirited, but stern when he needs to be. Even on tough questions Paul leaned upon his faithful guide and gave the response, “It’s not in the Constitution” (federal education funding, unjustly going to war, etc.) I loved the whole debate! Great job to the only “consistent” candidate Dr. Paul. We support you and freedom 100%!

  • Johnnylobo

    SpeakerGingrich, can say anything and will but he will lie and can not be trusted

  • Amer Ican

    That was ssiiiiiiiiccckkk! This is the shit I have been waiting to see. Paul is going hardcore!

  • Chris

    OK, I think Paul was great tonight but to poll who won the debate on a Paul web site is incredibly stupid, its like going to an Obama fund raiser and polling people there if the Democrats are a better party than the Republicans. duhhhh

  • Daniel

    Mary I agree with you, Gingrich was different today, but I think he’s only trying to emululate Ron Paul to try to get votes.

  • mary

    Congressman Paul was a Firecracker! for the Constitution. The 2 in the middle didn’t do as well as the 2 White-Haired candidates on the ends. I was pleasantly surprised with SpeakerGingrich, after such a long time of bad press. But Congressman Paul never fails to speak Wisdom straight from thr Constitution.
    Thank You,

  • Brian Barrett

    Not even close. Maybe Dr. Paul’s best showing.