Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Debate in Arizona

  • A war start against Iran without a declaration war from Congress and support from people is a illegal or unconstitutional war. They want to get permission from UN and NATO just like they did when they get permission to bomb Libya just for oil. The war after WW2 is all about oil, opium, drug, money, and other natural resources. Is nothing have to do with protecting this country, freedom, rights, and liberty.

  • The reason why Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, bankers, and Neocon want to start war against Iran is because they want to control and get free oil from Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. If they stay start war against Iran is going end up like Iraq all over again. An also it get worse another Cold War against Russia, China, and CSTO.

  • ++++++++ Ron Paul 2012 +++++++++


  • Lets see you got Millionaire Mitt, Shady Sanatorium and greedy Gingrich. I think I”ll vote for Realistic Ron.

  • Plus, he’s just plain unlikable.

  • God Bless Ron Paul !

  • From 3:20 Ron Paul starts writing down all the lies Santorum says..

  • Sounds like Ron Paul did a great job in this debate.


  • Ugh, Santorum is just plain detestable.

  • If I had the funds, I would follow him across the Nation. Vote Ron Paul!!!! Let’s get our Country back!

  • Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!******

  • Ron Paul continues to get better each debate. I do not understand why he decided to not attend the next (even knowing that it would be canceled). It seems the more he gets time to perform like last night the better.

  • Be Lash

    i loved the part where he said “thats proving exactly whatt i’m saying, that the government doesn’t need to take those roles in the people’s lives” in response to that bullshit title 20 proposition.

    ron paul 2012!

  • kyle s

    best debate yet, Ron Paul was on fire!

  • francynea

    There’s a poll on drudge.

  • francynea

    I was just watching Q13 Fox in Seattle. They just reported that Ron Paul was booed when he called Rick Santorum a Fake during the debate. I had watched the debate earlier and I didn’t remember that happening. So, I found a clip of the exchange on the web and there might have been a few boo’s hidden in the crowd’s response but it was overwhelmingly applause. Just another case of false reporting by the media trying to paint Ron Paul unfairly.

  • Travis

    Ron Paul won that debate, no question. He has been consistent with his beliefs not only in this debate, but in the last 30 years. And guess what? He was the only one who ACTUALLY answered the final question. Newt kinda answered it, Romney danced around the question like an idiot and Santorum did the same thing. The only difference between those two is that Romney seemed to give an irrelevant answer to a lot of questions asked. It’s too bad Ron Paul doesn’t get the media coverage he really deserves.

  • stan tana
    Ron Paul is so refreshingly different than the other 3. He is consistent and his popularity is increasing is spite of the media treating him as if he doesn’t even exist!He needs to project more specifics other than just standing on the constitution as most people who don’t know his platform don’t seem to get him.He is popular with the youth and needs to spice up his campaign with the”unofficial Ron Paul fight song” found on the above website. The kids will dig it!I pray that America will take his campaign seriously and be brave enough to vote for him so that our way of life can be saved and we can get the government back to the way it was set up to be

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul was fantastic tonight and he won the debate hands up!

    Is there any other polls we can vote on for tonight’s debate?