Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Debate in Arizona

  • He may be a little on the older side..but hes a Dr and you can see he knows how to keep himself healthy and he tells it like it is.!!!!Go Ron Paul.hang in there.!!!!!!He may be being pushed out but he’s sure gets his message across. LISTEN PEOPLE.!!!!!!


  • Ron Paul has such strong, fair and logical arguments that reveals the others’ dishonesty and confusion!!
    I hope he gets elected but have my doubts as lobbying is so powerful in our world…

  • media decides who is pres not us

  • “I’m defender of the constitution and champion of liberty” => This guy is a superhero congressman.

  • Did Ron Paul get a fair go with the airtime during this debate unlike other debates 89secs??

  • Paul destroyed all them puppets

  • Judy Seagal

    No More Status Quo!
    Please Vote Dr. No!!!

  • search, 16,000 Ron Paul´s votes stolen by Voting Machines!?

  • search, 16,000 Ron Paul´s votes stolen by Voting Machines!?

  • In the year of revolutions, Ron Paul is ur revolution I wounder if Zinosts will let it happen though. From an Egyptian who wants peace in the world. Ron Paul is what’s right for the world.

  • “It shouldn’t be the oath to the party.” Amen

  • since when did santorum turn into a surfer “im real bra, Im real” our future president ladies and gentlemen, give it up!

  • If i was american, he’d get my vote.

  • Zz

  • Zzzzz

  • Ron Paul knocked this one out of the park!

  • My god, he is the man. RON PAUL, BABY!

  • Dr. Pauls gets a 2 second “boo” continues dropping knowledge bombs like a boss…boos turn to cheers.

  • Santorum is totally unelectable, i wish the media wouldn’t keep trying to trick people into voting for him.

  • Honestly, what’s more believable-
    a. Ron Paul is NWO illumaniti racist crazy heartless etc.
    b. Ron Paul is an actual conservative libertarian who believes in the Constitution and personal liberty.
    The correct answer is B.