Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Debate in Arizona

  • I would be a volunteer body guard from Ron Paul


  • I am proud to say that on Tuesday, March 6th 2012 I will be voting for the first time in my life. And I am even more proud to say that the first vote I cast in my life will be for Ron Paul. I never had a desire to vote before. I always thought it was just a vote between bad and worse. So I was never motivated to vote. I was apathetic. But Dr. Ron Paul worked a miracle for me! Dr. Ron Paul cured my apathy!

  • Why is the government pretending they have any business telling anyone how or when they can have sex?

  • Rid the current members of congress and renew the seats.

  • wow it looks like an American (Ron Paul) running for office in a foreign communist nation.

  • Google: 60 minutes Ron Paul
    sign the petition to get Ron Paul on 60 minutes
    currently 19,000 out of 25,000

  • google ron paul on CBS News 60 minutes at change. org. sign the petition.

  • Gingrich is the biggest fag

  • go to googe trends site. type in ron paul , barack obama select last 30 days. the results show web search traffic and also media coverage for each prepare to be amazed this is what the media dont tell you

  • RON PAUL – For a better Society and better US

  • Does anyone find it disturbing that Santorum smiles and shakes his head in denial. When given a chance to respond he doesn’t address Paul’s statements. He simply rambles on about some third party organization stated he was the most conservative. You have to ask yourself do you really want a guy who specializes in tap dancing and dodging real and important issues. I’d have more respect if he just said “you know what initially I was wrong and I have since changed my mind”

  • Dr Paul was on fire in this debate!

  • everyone saying paul is the best better show us by voting for him

  • If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…it’s all about track record..Isn’t it? Every last one of these other candidates is in those seats for a reason…Oh they all say they are going to make missives cuts but we all know that’s a lie! The idea that there is a bunch of benevolent billionaires backing those clowns that only want the best for us peons is BS! Once in office if they want something to make the payback, they will have to give something in return! No Fucken Ethics at All!


  • Gandalf!!!!

  • Ron Paul WON this “debate”…period

  • RON PAUL or take an arrow to the knee!!

  • RON PAUL or take an arrow to the knee!!