Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Debate in Arizona

  • dear republicans push ron paul and his people out and watch your crusty old party die. long live the republic.


  • wow this guy is a total boss

  • People all agree that the Russian election was fixed and that it’s disgusting. However people can’t see the same is happening in America with Ron Paul! America is no better than russia corruption is everywhere no matter how u dress it

  • Look at the other candidates they are looking at Ron Paul- when he is talking about special interest bailouts at about 8:35- 8:40, they are looking at him like Ron is kryponite to their lives there.

  • Rick Santorum winning a conservative poll against Ron Paul, it must have been on a curve where those who spend more and change their mind later are looked at as a conservative candidate.

  • Hi there, as I’m from Austria, off course I can’t vote there, BUT I just wanted to say, that this man seems to be the most intelligent guy fighting to become President Of The United States Of America for decades! I’m very impressed! At least there seems to be some hope for this country.

  • finally, a president worth fighting for.

  • ron paul from north carolina can’t wait till may!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Paul from ASIA!!


  • If i was American,i would vote Ron Paul! Even though he`s conservative.

  • If i was American,i would vote Ron Paul! Even though he`s conservative.

  • So drunk…. god damnit i love Dr. Paul… but why did they bring up birth control? this was an issue back in the 70’s! lets evolve forward not backwards…

  • To the people who are too corrupted mentally to realize that this man is pure of heart in both his spirit and his overall look of what the United States needs. Here’s a message for you; take a good look at how the news reporters/networks treat Ron Paul. Compare them to how they treat the other candidates. You will find yourself slowly opening your eyes. From the minute Ron Paul took the microphone and roared his voice. The media was afraid. For he is not afraid of change. He is no Obama.

  • Ghandi, a man who took his own step to try his hardest to change what he felt was right. I feel that Ron Paul is a great comparison to the great Ghandi. Even if he doesn’t get elected the president of the United States. We, the people who chose to support him, will remember him, and we will remember him as the man who tried his hardest to attain what he felt was right. I am not a U.S citizen, I’m a Canadian citizen, and unfortunately I cannot vote on this matter. Ron Paul can be/is the future.


  • I love how all the GOP regulars watch and learn from Ron Paul. Smartest guy in the building.

  • Why did Ron Paul say he is second in delegates? How many does he have now compared to the other candidates?

  • man would cnn abc fox new would all ignore abraham lincoln binger benjamin franklin ,thomas jefferson, gandhi confucius if they lived today ?

  • It all makes sense now. If Ron paul isn’t elected in 2012 THE WORLD WILL COME TO AN END!!!! Damn those mayans are good with their dates even they knew that obama was going to completely ruin the country and eventually the world if he is elected for 2012. Lets not just save america but save the world.
    RON PAUL 2012