Ron Paul Welcomed by Supporters at Arizona GOP Debate

  • This just warms my heart. Let’s do this, America.

  • “I…I touched him!” lololol
    American fanculture finally used for something productive!

  • Everyone loves him

  • 2 words… “Fuck.. Yes..”

  • Makes me cry.

  • I led the charge for the high fives. best day ever.

  • “I touched him.”

    That’s what I said!

  • But he didn’t come to the watch party at a bar after the debate, did he? 😉

  • beautiful weather and this ron paul crowd makes me want to move to AZ


  • Lol, Dr. Paul has this kind of support in every state…haha and MSM expects us to believe that he has not won any of these states? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahHAHAHAhahahahAHAHAHAHAH

  • So awesome, I saw my son several times, he was just a few feet away. The best night of our lives!

  • nice =)

  • This is amazing. And they try to say he doesn’t have a chance. No other candidates can gather a crowd as large as he can.

  • Come to AZ more Dr. Paul!

  • THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! Tears in my Eyes! C’mon America, YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  • Ron Paul = the ONLY candidate who won’t betray your vote!
    Ron Paul = the ONLY candidate who cares about PEOPLE, not power
    Ron Paul = the ONLY candidate with an honorable past!

  • Look at those sexy RON PAUL supporters!!!!!

  • “Look at that measly 15% Paulbots.” So says the dinosaur media.

  • Makes this grown man tear up when I watch stuff like this. This is the most important presidential candidate in many, many generations, perhaps in the entire short history of the US.

    Norfolk, VA

  • RP12