Ron Paul Welcomed by Supporters at Arizona GOP Debate

  • mossad not muslims did 9/11/01

  • I love how the woman at the end says, “I touched him.” True rockstar status!! RP2012

  • at the end women has sign
    Mormons for ron paul .
    thats right Romney your toast


  • Nice video shots.Keep them coming πŸ˜€

  • Isn’t weird that Dr. Paul gets all of this attention and yet has not won a state and is way behind in Arizona and Michigan? It doesn’t add up.

  • lol this is so awesome it makes me laugh

  • Lady Liberty

    President Paul! People Read Constitution, Understand It, Read George Washington’s diary, Federalist Papers, Madison’s writings, Addams, Jefferson. Dr. Paul is like a Founder In Our Midst, Beckoning U.S.Back to The Founding, The Beginning, Summoning U.S. to Prayerfully Consider The Time and Place Where We Stand Or Fall In History.

    • Surfisher

      ‘How to Chop Down the Tree of Liberty and Succeed’: A Politician’s Handbook (Chop it at the base, and the People may revolt, but a barely noticeable branch at a time, for as long as it takes, will work for sure).

      In the beginning, the Citizens had the Freedom to walk all paths. Then Government decided that some paths are not good for the people, so closed off a few paths. Now, the People had Freedom to walk a few less paths. Encouraged by this, the Government passed even more laws telling the People what other things they cannot do (because it is for their own good). Pleased with the outcome β€” the Citizens’ obedience β€” the Government went into the full-time business of Manufacturing Laws (rules, regulations).

      Since Politicians produce nothing of intrinsic value β€” they found their calling in writing stuff on paper, telling people what not to do (“for their own good” of-course).

      As of 2010, it is estimated that there are about 1/2 Billion Negative Laws/rules/regulations on the Books telling the People what they CANNOT DO upon threat of punishment (that’s more Laws than there are US Citizens)!

      Headlines at end of 2011 read: 40,000 New Laws in effect for 2012. Translation β€” 40,000 more paths each Citizen has lost the Liberty to walk. The crude graph below is for visual effect:


      Are the Citizens this blind, not to see the end result β€” the eventual straight-and-narrow path Government wants to dictate its Subjects to walk….

      Only Ron Paul is talking about this near complete erosion of our Freedoms β€” the rest are silent-partners-in-crime against our Liberty!

  • Even if Ron Paul doesn’t win, he has forever changed a generation. Even if he doesn’t win, he’s still won. Forever has the seed to the tree of life been planted in us. We will win, now or later, but it’s no longer an ‘if’, just an eventuality. RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • That was awesome!

    Mexico for Ron Paul 2012!

  • You’d have to be insane to believe Ron Paul isn’t the front runner. Every video is like this or 10 time more support.

  • mayeeden

    RON PAUL! The 5th Beatle. Yeah Yeah Yeah! GO RON PAUL.

  • OMG!! I love this! same thing for us in Tampa and Jacksonville!!

  • OMG!!! That’s me!!! In the bright red T-Shirt!! AHHH SO EXCITING! That was seriously one of the most wonderful days and patriotic moments I’ve ever had. I’m so happy to have shared that with all of my fellow RP supporters!!!

  • This is one of the greatest videos on youtube.

  • This is one of the greatest videos on youtube.

  • Liberty brings people together. simply melts your heart to see such good things happening in the world. Ron Paul 2012.

  • All these people look so pleasant and happy! This is so cool!


  • If you play the words president Paul backwards it says, “Flip the truck, flip the truck, flip the truck!” Pretty twisted stuff.