Ron Paul Welcomed by Supporters at Arizona GOP Debate

  • wow i wish i was there….. where is the media coverage of this???? cnn?fox?? ron paul 2012


  • We already have awoken the people, the second step to our future is making sure caucuses and primaries can no longer be rigged.

  • People are so interesting to watch.

  • LOOK at those smiles! Love it.

  • so awesome

  • so awesome

  • Ron Paul is the only one who can free us from our own society. the heck with other countries we need to liberate ourselves !

  • This was one of the greatest days of my life.. XD stupid cops wouldnt even let us hold our signs on the sidewalk though.. the 5 times i have met Ron Paul have been the most amazing ever..

  • Lol police making use of their stay on the sidewalk training.


  • If you’re Not a Ron Paul supporter
    you’re missing out on all the Fun !!!

  • i laugh when MSM “journalists” try to belittle or make us look like extremists and crazies. Then i see this and i laugh again, cuz i mean…these all have to be crazy people meeting along an entire street peacefully supporting a real candidate and not a shill. right?

  • I havent found a single video like this for the other candidates. Seems like nobody’s shouting “President Mitt” on the streets.

  • … while in Iraq. The fact that i saw KBR,BAE and other contractors fill our jobs, making us obsolete while we spank our dicks and play with the dirt doing busy work, $100 – 200k for what WE are suppose to be doing opened my eyes to the entire dog and pony show ride. I never meant disrespect bringing up the Mormon faith, And linking the Utah Population to vote for Romney to likeness in religion.

  • I do not think that Obama will get the same degree of African-American voters this time around. Speaking to random people on campus here in AZ for a paper actually, I find that there is also a great amount of Blacks leaning toward RP. My cousin and a few other White individuals in my life wish for Obama to get reelected due to the fact that nothing can truly get done one single term. I am apprehensive on Obama getting reelected. At any rate i don’t see him being another Clinton….

  • Awesome.. again i would like to reiterate that i was not trying to a bigot towards religion, that i just had an assumption, however, perhaps, with a slight sense of pre jury. Its great that the younger population is getting more involved and becoming more aware due to the elderly population still with the concerns of their prime years still in mind. Yet, I am sure that a great population have to same issues in mind as RP supporters War Vets … ect.

  • APOYO A RON PAUL desde Paraguay

  • LOL that was friggin awesome. Don’t see anyone else out there for their phony candidates. The fraud will be exposed.

  • Surfisher

    FOX aired this show: “Illegal Everything” — well worth watching!

    Shows how Americans are breaking the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

  • John McCain disliked this.