Would Mitt Romney Change His Views to Become Ron Paul’s VP?

  • They assassinated Kennedy and LBJ took office, if Mitt Romney was VP, they would assassinate Ron Paul so he could take office!



  • No way Romney should be VP to Ron Paul. If something happens to Paul then Romney would be President!

  • The Media games started once again …. Ron Paul 2012 only.

  • The Media games started once again …. Ron Paul 2012 only.

  • They think they can trick and sway Ron Paul supporters. The couldn’t even comprehend the love and support that Dr. Paul gets.


  • ron paul trying to get his kid a job is BULL that goes against EVERYTHING paul stands for he DOES NOT GIVE FAVORS everyone is equal rand can get his own job

  • WTF are these people in the panel talking about. Fucking metaphoric BS crap. Just listen to what Ron Paul says. Thats it. Do not look into it, it is a very clear message. The debate questions about him deflecting Mitt was what i would like to believe that, they are not talking about the issues and Ron keeps trying to ground the Debates into some thing Worth a shit.

  • But campaign managers will take Ron Paul’s words…put them in Romney’s mouth and coo you idiots into submission just like they did with Obama with no intention of following through!

  • Amazing how Romney’s eyes are now batting at the same ideas that had em rolling earlier!

  • I love this. Beat them at thier own game.

  • My take on it has been that both Romney and Paul see each other as the easiest candidate to defeat, and are therefore trying to get the race between only the two of them.

  • Ron Paul destroyed Romney in 2007.. do we really need to rehash everything? ok in 1988.. Ron Paul was and IS against the Police raiding homes and killing people and then saying Opps thought we he had a gun, oops wrong house ..oops our mistake.. Americans have a right to life.. and Obama Bombing American Children he calls Terrorist is just too freaking much.. and Santorum agrees that hey we can kill Americans. “We’ve done it,yeah!” so Santorum is Bush. Gingrich same thing. CFR losers.

  • I didnt even watch the video, but the answer to the question is yes he would, Mitt Romney is the biggest flip flopper. He doesnt believe in anything, he just wants to win and make as much money as possible.

  • A true republican does not go into undeclared unjustified war and vote for bailouts and increased spending and shit. Sounds exactly like a democrat doesn’t it. That’s because these parties have the same goals now. What the hell is the difference? Ron Paul. He is the only difference. The true republican… who says we should follow the constitution, as we were meant to, to achieve prosperity and liberty and keep the fruits of our labor!! The true republican would end the fed, IRS, the wars, etc.

  • Budding bromance? Someone please fire this chick quickly.

  • Judy Seagal

    No More Status Quo!
    Please Vote Dr. No!!!

  • who the fuck are these cunts? they call themselves journalists? they are fucking actors!!!

  • When Ron Paul becomes president the lame stream media is going to head for the hills – LOL