Ron Paul Is Second in Delegates and Can Beat Obama!


  • People say they like veterans, but they don’t seem to want them as presidents anymore, because a vet is careful about not going to unjustified wars because the troops are his friends.

  • I like Ike, and I like Dr, Paul!

    RON PAUL in 2012 AND in 2016


  • Be sure to go to the DRUDGE REPORT
    so far Romney is ahead…

  • After veterans marched on White House the pressititutes try to be more fair to Ron Paul giving him more time.

    But look at John King’s face – he wants everyone to know that he is not happy!

  • Allowing him to talk. I love it

  • Ron Paul is going to be president.

  • Ron Paul – the peace candidate ! What kind of moron would vote for any of the others who are itching for war with Iran. We cannot afford any more foreign aid (we are bankrupt ) as Ron Paul says , it is often going to enemy countries ! And we cannot afford another decade long war – a draft will come as the military (Ron Paul gets 70% of the military supporters ) is sick of these wars for profits. Wake up – only Ron Paul will not get us into another war .

  • mabusiam

    how is ron paul second in delegates? is this official??
    Can you tell me where can see this no??
    CNN website showed him last with 27
    can you explain to me please

    • Aj Marino

      He is second because his supporters worked very hard in the caucus states to walk away with a majority of the delegates. Who knows where the national media gets there numbers but i thoroughly believe they are off.

    • foosman

      You should check out for those delegate counts and good ron paul info. I thought this little post-interview was good and the reporter didn’t piss me off like most others.

      • Aj Marino

        Thumbs up for daily Paul sorry hit down by accident

  • 2:15 get out off here rick ” Ron Paul 2012

  • I’m really confused by this title, right now paul is fourth in the delegate race. Can someone clarify this title?

    • Harry Pearce

      For all of you that do not understand the delegate count, let me explain.

      Some states have Primaries, which runs a lot like the national election, you vote, and the state is “winner take all” or proportional. The delegates are “hard delegates” which mean they are restricted to voting for the candidate they are selected to.

      Then some states have Caucuses, which have “soft delegates”, and the whole election “vote” is nothing more than a straw poll. What matters is who becomes Delegates, and this is where Ron Paul is mopping up. While Santorum, Romney, and Newt supporters vote, then go home, the Ron Paul people stay, get involved in the process, and become delegates. One example is a county that was heavily won by Santorum with 13 delegates available, NONE of the Santorum voters stayed to become delegates, whereas only 13 people voted for Ron Paul, all 13 stayed, and all 13 became delegates.

      And to top it all off, the Ron Paul people are staying even to be “hard delegates” for other candidates in Primary states. Why? Because if we have a brokered convention, they will all be free to jump their “selected ship” and join in with Ron Paul.

      Ron Paul is not the favorite to win the White House, but he does have a decent chance, and we should not be surprised if he wins. Ron Paul has had a clear path to the White House from the very beginning, so do not think this is something “sneaky” that Ron Paul is doing. Instead, blame the Mainstream Media for their biased reporting in trying to ignore him, and pretend he goes away. They never told the truth on what was happening.

  • He’s so cuuuuute. *adobs*

  • I fucking love this man, Ron Paul 2012!

  • Last year Doctor Paul did not even exist but recently, I see a different (positive) attitude from media towards Dr. Paul. Not too long ago, Sean Hannity radio interview was fairly well too with Dr. Paul. I usually can’t stand Hannity but Sean actually agrees and listens like a grown up man to Dr. Paul rather than constant and usual cutting off Ron Paul.

    I love to see positive unity around Ron Paul and this is what America needs most in this hard time of economy and uncertainty with Obama administration.

    God Bless Dr. Paul – He is the greatest champion of the constitution. The founding fathers may have written it but Dr. Paul certainly knows how to follow it.

    ****RON PAUL 2012****

  • so will he go against obama? I don’t know how this works, I am originally from canada

  • go to poll and vote paul, thumbs up so people can see

  • kyle s

    That John guy might lose his job now. Lol, The media is still ignoring him though. They ignored the soldiers march and after the debate they again said Romney was a clear winner and blah blah blah. Well I mean they “read” who they thought won teh debate. lol clearly in this debate Paul did the best. Santorum got booed, Gingrish was his same boring self, Romney argued like a child. This debate got some people very interested in Ron Paul’s ELECTABILITY!

  • French Canadian

    WOW! So the MSM are starting to give Ron Paul a bit of attention. Gee… it’s about time.

    These people better wake-up fast, or they will look really stupid when Ron Paul will win the nomination. I can’t wait for this moment. I will have an eternal smile on my face…lol


  • Jason Christ

    We love ya Ron Paul!!!! Me and my daughters Eva and Alexis believe in you and in the constitution!!! I can’t wait until you audit the fed!!!!