Ron Paul Is Second in Delegates and Can Beat Obama!

  • What people don’t realize is that these are internal elections and can be manipulated by the Republican Party, you can’t hold anyone liable as these are internal elections that are not subject to penalties for irregularities.

  • I have officially endorsed Ron Paul!
    ~Brittney Spears


    • Dennis Johnson

      Who gives a shit ???

  • The media likes his policy on income tax. They finally listening to what he has to say.

  • “The Government shouldn’t be spending the money, the People should be spending the money”

    Exactly!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If I was Ron Paul I would just expose the media ๐Ÿ˜›

  • What is Ron Paul mad at?

  • America, why do you keep voting for fucking idiots?!? Ron Paul is the guy to vote for to stop all this unnecessary shit in this country.

  • Gigga Figga.

    Yall idiots postin in a Paul thread!

  • Vote fraud is rampant in America. He won Maine and Idaho.

  • i gotta pee

  • Ron Paul is a genius. He is not only in it to win, but he is looking to educate America! We can’t loose! Even if he is not elected he still successfully changed the political principles of an entire generation. This is more powerful than being President (especially since congress won’t let him change much.) But in time the next generation will take over and the Govt. will change naturally. I am 28, I never like polotics, now I am a Libertarian for life! And I am not the only one!! Ron Paul!

    • Dennis Johnson

      You, dinky dong zir102, are amazing. You are only 28 and look at how stupid you are already. You’re just what the Ron Paul idiots are all about. Young, and really dumb. Keep at it though and when you are 75, you will be just like Ron Paul.

  • Even if Ron Paul dosent win super tuesday Im still going to wright his name on the ballot in november. If people actually voted for who they believe in or agree with i believe things would be different. Im tired of people saying voting for someone they dont believe can win is a waisted vote. Voting for who you want to is not a waisted vote. not voting at all is the biggest waist. I vote for Ron all the way. I dont need other people making up my mind for me.

  • Its funny how if you don’t agree with Obama your labeled a Racist or hater lol, no I don’t agree with Obama’s policies but I’m neither a Racist or hater Obama is the worst President we have ever had no Foreign policy or leadership whatsoever also has divided this country into class warfare and raising taxes I don’t like any of the candidates but anything is better than what we got now.

  • Paul mite as well pack his bags and go back to Texas lol

  • lol you people are as crazy as that senile loon and just as raciest i bet. OBAMA 2012

    • Truthmatters007

      America the Beautiful !

    • Truthmatters007

      And I bet Your some kind of illuminati supporter . Obviously you seem to be part of the ultra socialist agenda , spreadin racism in this country.

  • Though I loathe Obama, I could never bring myself to endorse Romney the candidate. I would be betraying my soul and my country.
    Lord help us. Ron Paul 2012.

  • I have taught my 4yr old nephew that Ron Paul is the president. Any asks him and he immediately say, “Won Paul”.

  • Ron Paul is the only ticket to our freedom and liberty. People don’t realize they are being towed around with rings on their noses. Ron Paul is the only one who will free us from the socialism.

  • Ron Paul= Peace, Liberty, Lower taxes, No fed, better employment rates… etc.
    Did I make my point yet?
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Ron Paul is behind rick the dick, which is saying something. You might as well pack up your political bags and scoot on home to your mummies. Anyway none of the republican candidates have a chance in hell of beating Obama in the election. Mark my words.