Ron Paul Is Second in Delegates and Can Beat Obama!

  • Yup lets us have some peace for once and make Dr Paul are President. I always hear people calling the people in the middle east violent warmongers and crazy Fanatics. But what people should ask themselves is why they are like this. I encourage people to look into history and how we and the Europeans and Russians have created this environment, and how are involvement has directly contributed to this. Just open a book and read about the last 60 years or so and then you will understand blowback


  • Top donors for Paul are the military…BULLSHIT

    All 3 candidates huh???

    All 3 candidates huh???

  • Illimunati own USA and other nasions..Illimunati is created by reptilliens,and have existed for 1000th of years! eather one of them self are the president,or a dud like Ron Paul…But illimunati chuse hou’s goona be the president dos’nt mather hou u put ur vote on!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • Thumbs up you think Wrodjr needs get a life

  • Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Paul will not win because Americans want a leader with charisma not intelligence. The alpha monkey consistantly wins. Females will vote for Romney. Males will vote for him too. How else do you get an Arnold S. in any position of power, with animal charisma. Ron Paul is clearly the intelligent choice but Americans are by and large too ignorant and/or primitive in nature to do the right thing. Those monkeys think war solves problems when in fact it just makes them more hated and poorer.

    • SimpsonA

      Oh hell no. This is your god damn oppion on Americans not facts. Facts that can not be proven due to the fact that all Americans are diffrent in their actions and their view on the choices they make. We will and do vote who we truly think will be the best choice for the American Public and society. If it is the Charasmatic man then, he clearly convinvced the public that he knows what he is doing weather he truly does or does not. And if the Logical man is the choice then the people will obiously have paided a little more attention to the fine print behind the words. Not just wait they claim, but the hard cold truth.

  • Sheri

    Ryan, I will believe it…I have been praying for Ron Paul…for our Country. It will happen, or God forbid the outcome of the next four years…I don’t know if the Country will be the United States or the “Northern Alliance.” I have my bets on the latter.

  • Sheri

    I have been reading the “Ron Haters” posts. It seems that they are truly confused. There are many people out there who dislike change. Change is fearful, and staying the same way even though it’s bad, is still better than what they don’t know. However, what the people don’t understand that change is going to occur, no matter what. It can be for the people, (Ron Paul) or it can be against the people. The Government officials have really hurt the American people on fiscal responsibility. We are losing whatever perception of freedom we have, and the government thinks it needs to take care of us financially, by taxing everyone until the burden is so heavy we cannot walk unless we have help.
    I would rather have the system changed, where it can be controlled by the American people, than have it controlled by another nation or people who really only care about themselves. “Taking one for the team” was a bad play. We want our elected officals to “take it for the people” not against us.
    I want elections that are real and honest. THe agenda of people with no integrity need to leave the whole electoral and government proccess. They need to go away. People really need to take the time to do their own research and look at the voting record of the people that we elect in office. Usually, we get one bad candidate after another, but I still vote. However, now we have a real candidate to vote for, and no one wants the big change. We need the change. The American Spirit needs to get back to the people instead of underneath the shoe of an American Politician. Ron Paul is not like a politician. In fact, I would swear he is one of us…he has fought for us for years. That is why I blog so much about him.

  • um last time i checked paul is last in delegates. Ive looked up multiple sources.. can someone tell me how he is 2nd?

    • Aristocrat

      It’s called the MSM has lying to everyone, they’ve only been giving projected totals, not actual totals.

  • Noboby want a fucking wrong Paul bumper sticker.maybe to wipe my ass with it


  • OBAMA 2012

    • watmoetdat

      obama eats dick hes going to lose he destroyed this country in the past 4 years. and hes passed bills that completely destroyed then american economy.

  • —- we need leadership a sound foreign policy and to start drilling/exploration of our own oil and gas we do that and the economy will get better but most of all we need a Leader someone to be proactive not someone who shows weakness and does nothing like Obama.

  • David

    It looks like Ron Paul might be the only hope for a President and Commander In Chief of an independent United States not under the control of any international special interest organization.

  • Kim

    Why isn’t there an investigation into voter fraud? It amazes how many people are speaking out about Ron Paul-general public….this has to be a total fixed voting…No one in their right mind would vote for MR or NG…really people vote for a bigger new crook????

  • If dr paul doesnt win the nomination obama will have 4 more years to destroy this country.

  • Surfisher

    FOX aired this show: “Illegal Everything” — well worth watching!

    Shows how Americans are breaking the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

  • ryan

    is there proof of this other than the daily paul