Massive Ron Paul Rally at Michigan State University

  • Dr. Paul can help cure America’s dark future. Businessman Mitt Romney will fire We the People and sell us out.

  • I hope Ron Paul will be the next President of the USA!!


  • Go to Drudge Report vote Ron Paul

  • I was here! It was amazing!

  • Wow! same time in Germany nearly no one knows about Dr.Ron Paul! Sometimes you read in the Newspaper: “The Crazy!” “No chance to win”! Go on and show the world what you´re made of! Barak is not better than George- both are paid by the financial System. The financial system loves dictatorship (here in Germany we had one). If the dictatorship is called Regime or democracy….they dont care. Cui bono…
    best wishes from here

  • Ron Paul has smashed this poll, help hit smash it even more!!!!!!!!

    Who will win the Republican nomination?

    Mitt Romney
    Newt Gingrich
    Ron Paul
    Rick Santorum
    Total Votes: 76355


  • This is fantastic!!! We have to do more than just listen to him. We have to go out and vote for him, or his message will never be heard.

  • nice! good to see. lets get these votes counted and fix the ballot boxes. Clinton Curtis said he programmed them to rig the elections. the time for change is now… people are coming forward to expose the truth… that’s a start

  • This is America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis Almaguer

    Awesome!! Go American people, go Ron paul. No one says it and backs it up like Ron Paul.

  • this is just the beginning

  • Ron Paul is the powerhouse candidate!

  • Ron Paul delivered all of these people in the stadium when they were born.

  • DrudgeReport is having a presidential candidate poll, go vote for Ron Paul

  • They’re blowing out the roof!!!

  • Here’s the thing; NOBODY is going to take the nomination without the support of YOUTH. And, ONLY Ron Paul is honest enough to GARNER THAT SUPPORT. Yet, mainline GOP has a problem with this? THEY don’t need the “kids”? THEY have to be completely SUICIDAL for this insane act; turning AWAY those who support Paul SO fervently? Crazy-GOP, would cut off their face*s* to spite their nose*s*/
    Can they BE more ridiculous? I’m an INDY, and they don’t want me, either, but cannot keep ME away. RONPAUL

  • My entire family voted for ron paul today in AZ! 😀 Come on Arizona lets be the first state for ron paul!

  • 50 second applause… GET THAT ROMNEY!

  • stunning!!

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    Right Now, Right now !!!!
    Hurry !!!! Do it for Ron Paul!!!!
    Thumbs up so everyone can vote !!!