Massive Ron Paul Rally at Michigan State University

  • I watch all these Ron Paul supporter videos, yet I will watch CNN’s results from Arizona and almost certainly will expect Ron Paul last in the polls again. Can he even take another loss after all his losses in previous states? How long can we expect him to stay in the race without any wins let alone the little money from the donations he’s getting compared to Romney’s dirty money coming through? Someone enlighten me, how much of a chance does Ron Paul still have? PS: Delegates to date via CNN:27

  • Ladies and gentlemen.. in this video, real Americans who cheer for the future of a brighter America

  • Went to the polls today in AZ and voted for RP, but I’m not feeling good about his chances. 🙁

  • President Paul, President Paul, President Paul!!!

  • RON PAUL MMXII, and again in MMXVI =)


  • missed this in the MSM

  • Do over 100 people really believe there is election fraud without having seen real evidence? It could be that Ron Paul had a big showing at the rally because the people who vote for him actually care enough to show up at a rally. The people who would vote for Romney are most likely people who don’t pay much attention or don’t care that much and that’s why he has a lower turnout. Unfortunately, a large part of the population votes however the media tells them to, without doing any research.

  • hey michigan state dont be surprised when you county’s vote are lost by the gop!

  • These people
    They know what they are voting for
    That’s what i like to hear

  • That kind of energy will bring you to tears!

  • Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his rally turnout?


  • There is no harm in hoping

  • annabel

    Philippines for Ron Paul! Sure wish we could vote for Dr. Ron Paul!

  • Dr. Kerry Hussaun Omomba

    Ron Paul is our only hope for Saving America from total financial collapse, as happened to Russia.

  • If you support Ron Paul it is time to bone up. Go to RonPaul2012 and drop 20 bucks on him. What will 20 bucks hurt you, its just fucking toilet paper anyways if we don’t get President Paul in office. Come on, don’t be cheap cocksuckers. President Paul needs us this week. This is your chance to stand for something. Forget Occupy, they can’t help you. Forget Activism, their all terrorist now according to Obama. Go to RonPaul2012 make Ron Paul President!!!

  • More exciting than UFC

  • Please welcome Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich *TUMBLEWEEDS*

  • When everyone stood up and cheered it gave me goosebumps. Thumbs up if the same happened to you.

  • Would be funny if they forget to rig it one day and ron paul gets 90% of the votes.

  • Would be funny if they forget to rig it one day and ron paul gets 90% of the votes.