Mitt Romney Brings Fake Grassroots Signs to Church Rally

In the face of low crowd turn outs, the Romney campaign has resorted to passing out fake “grassroots” signs at his rallies to people seated in front of press cameras to make it appear as if he has real support. Filmed at a rally at the Tri-City Baptist church in Chandler, AZ on February 22nd, 2012.


  • Mitt 4 jobs?

  • You guys are mad because Mitt Romney is winning.

  • Ron Paul is the shit
    Mitt Romney is just shit

  • Boooo! Fake candidate, fake campaign, fake support – all fake. Barbie’s Ken fake alien robot with his fake slogans… Paid for by puppet masters…. Pathetic, yet dangerous…

  • mitt has not a chance in hell.thats why the news are all over obama wins again for war with the world.

  • “I don’t care too much for money/Money can’t buy me love”

  • lol 2:49….”you welcome to keep these. ” Ron Paul PWNS ALL!

  • RON PAUL :

    Opposed TARP bailouts. Has never voted for a tax increase. Would end all foreign militarism and bring troops home. Gets more financial support from active-duty military than Obama or all GOP candidates combined. Opposes Patriot Act. Opposes use of torture. Plans to cut $1 trillion from first year’s budget. Advocates abolishing income tax and IRS. Supports ending the Federal Reserve. Advocate for keeping Internet free from government control. Protector of Liberty and the Constitution!

  • he is such an asshole

  • MICK ROMNEY 2012

  • The Romney staff who made the signs also made 32 accounts to dislike this.

  • Extraordinary

  • You are right…the election rigging seems so obvious this time because the powers-that-be are desperate to stop Ron Paul any way they can. DESPERATE. They are just as desperate as we are determined, so it is a real obvious battle that’s going on!!!

  • fucking faker and its fucking rigged!!

  • We’re actually not Liberals. Romney is, though.

  • Let’s prosecute this election fraud ! Do you know any lawyers who are willing to do this ?

  • Hey Libtards, they look like real supporters to me. Who gives a crap if they hand out signs at a rally. ROMNEY2012

  • Demand that all ballots be counted openly and in public. Stop the election fraud and send those lying corporate scum to jail! Election fraud is treason, isn’t it? Wouldn’t that also be considered a form of Terrorism? Let’s water board those fuckers!! And then have them disappear.

  • because the media LIES. they hate the idea of ron paul winning, so they lie. and there has been voter fraud. ask the three counties in maine what happened to their votes. it’s a mess.

  • LOOOOOSSSSEEERRRR!!! to bad hes going to win cuz the system is rigged. good luck amerika!