Mitt Romney Brings Fake Grassroots Signs to Church Rally

In the face of low crowd turn outs, the Romney campaign has resorted to passing out fake “grassroots” signs at his rallies to people seated in front of press cameras to make it appear as if he has real support. Filmed at a rally at the Tri-City Baptist church in Chandler, AZ on February 22nd, 2012.


  • Gross

  • At this point its so clear that there has been a vote fraud, the GOP elite doesn’t want Ron Paul, but everybody can see he is the people’s candidate with real support and not Romney. Politics are just a circus, your support isn’t reflected in the votes, the political system has been kidnapped. I though this could have been solved with Ron’s candidacy but now i realize that we can’t solve this just with votes… you understand. right?

  • How pathetic

  • bahahaha

  • LMAO! They are all in the same handwriting, same paint, same size etc. Obviously made by the same person. What a freaking LOSER! Hahahaha!

  • perfect background music… mr. roboto lol

  • I wonder how much they got paid to be there

  • Pistachio

    The man is as fake as his signs.

  • WTF! The same 4 colors for all the signs is a dead give away. Lazy sign committee!. HOW LAME.

  • I didn’t see anyone there saying they wouldn’t hold up the signs. It seemed like they were all willing to take the signs IN SUPPORT OF ROMNEY. And oh, unlike some of the left campaigns I’ve seen they picked up and cleaned up after themselves instead of trashing the place. a little respect comes off to those on the left as pandering and fake. I just hope Obama is OUT and SOON!!

    • Thinking>Speaking

      You didn’t see any trash because they took their fake signs back. It IS pandering. It IS fake. You ARE an imbecile.

  • A vote for Romney is just a continuation of whats been going on for the past 50 years. Its Ron Paul or nothing for me.




  • He will never have the support of the troops and have rallies like ron paul

  • increddible, when are we ever going to get out of this FAKE left vs right paradigm. Though ron paul is GOP, he is “one’ of our last hopes.

  • Note to staff: Get different maker colors. We only have 3.

  • “Here’s a sign , little girl, but when the rally is over, I expect you to give it back ” What kind of cowpatties is this. Producing FAKE SUPPORT to influance the people’s vote. And the MSM is buying right into it. The system is working all the tricks in the book. Ron Paul2012

  • Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto!!!
    I’m going to start to copy/paste; Domo Arigato Mr Roboto! everywhere I see a Mitt Romney post/tweet/blog/facebook/youtube/yahoo
    it really does suit him perfectly, check the Styx (band) video out you’ll see what I mean
    he was built with parts unknown (Goldman Sachs) it should be known.
    Help out! it would be sweet if it went synonymous with his campagn trail. 😉

  • They gave the signs back. Hell, you will catch me stealing Ron Paul signs. Nobody gives up their signs. Thats crazy.

  • Look at all those robots … I guess it never occurred to them to bring their own signs.