Ron Paul: My Message Is the Same No Matter Where I Go

  • lol well he wasnt so ya lmao fuck obama that fucking dictator

  • Ron Paul is the only man that can change the state of crisis is countries in!!!!! Ron Paul now!!! before we become a third world country!!!!

  • Isn’t that the superpacs though rather than actually having ads? Wasn’t John McCain the one that came up with this rotting garbage?

  • Peter

    Advice: start explaining what the future of USA will look like when everybody is afluent again, when there is enough money for Nasa, when people will have houses again, when everybody will be able to study etc etc. Give them also the possitive picture of the future and not only the bad sides of the last 99 years

  • stan

    OK FOLKS.I HAVE BEEN TRASHING AROUND ON THE DEMS SITES AND THEY DEFFINATLY SCARED THAT ROMNEY IS GOING TO GET IT SO I STARTED POSTING THINGS LIKE THIS TO GET THEM TO GO FOR PAUL HERE IT IS can’t belive that i campained, contributed,vote for obama, then he disgraces us with all of his appoligizing to other countries,bowing to their leaders,no salute or hand over heart when fallin servicemen pass before him, can’t control his wifes expensive vacation on our money. wasted my vote, but this time,i search them all,since cain is out,and romney will ruin this on a crusade,newt will be what we had before obama.I have decided to go with 83% of the millitary vote..Ron Paul THATS ABOUT ALL THAT I CAN PASTE IN THE COMMENT SECTION THEN ADD MORE OF HOW IF WE ALL VOTE PAUL IN THE PRIMARIES IT WILL KEEP ROMNEY AND THE OTHERS OUT OF THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE WHICH ISN’T A LIE BUT IT MAY GET SOME DEMS LOOKING AT AND VOTING FOR PAUL. NOT A BAD THING ,LOOK AT WHAT THE OTHERS ARE DOING. SO COME ON LETS HIT SOME OF THOSE DEM SITES YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE WHAT I HAVE IF YOU WANT..EASY EASY I NEED YOUR HELP ON THIS MY NAME IS JOSE RICE AND I APPROVE OF THIS TATIC


  • please don’t say Obama wasn’t born in the US. you make all Ron Paul supporters sound undeducated.

  • please don’t say Obama wasn’t born in the US. you make all Ron Paul supporters sound undeducated.

  • Romney probably can’t beat Obama without Ron Paul supporters’ votes.

  • I challenge the polls! How do we audit the polls? Statistically Ron Paul should already be the Republican candidate. If the counts weren’t foney no one would stand a chance.


  • How the fuck can they say Paul only has 27 delegates? I call shenanigans!!! We can honestly say most of all aspects of these “elections” are rigged! So how is Paul gonna win in a rigged election!?! It will obviously and regretfully take a full out revolution resulting in a lot of bloodshed.

  • USA is soon in a state of emergency… Thanx to babybommers.

  • Paul and Romney are pretty fucking close now. Look up some surveys. Most people you ask, that don’t like paul don’t even know about Paul. I’ve turned so many people into RonPaul supporters. WE CAN WIN THIS. RON PAUL 2012

  • Mike Fulper

    Russians have more balls …they are in the streets protesting election fraud


    System is completely controlled….REPUBLICAN PARTY IS WORSE.. then the democratic party…

    If Paul does not become President…Chaos will prevail….in the streets and at State Capitols…

    If a Paul Rep isnt at EVERY VOTING STATION.. he aint gonna beat the corruption…

  • People were interviewed about who they want to be president. Ron Paul came in first place, however: People also say they vote for the candidate that is in the lead because they are afraid that Ron Paul won’t win. WTF, vote for whats right!
    In addition: If people voted for who they wanted, Paul would be in the lead. The media wont show this because Paul terrifies them with his awesome policies. Im so tired of seeing the media shaft Paul, fuck you Fox.
    RON PAUL 2012!!

  • ron paul needs more ads about himself

  • Jeff

    One more thing, we need to support Ron as long as we can, but people that actually see what is going on need to be supporting a group called, OathKeepers.

  • Jeff

    Ted and Robin, You are correct when talking about vote fraud. This problem we face will not be won at the voting stations. Look who is against Ron Paul: The MSM, probably 95% of our current elected officials (including republicans), the republican national committee, probably 70% of the American population that still think there is a difference between (on the federal level), between a republican and democrat, there is no difference at all. This country is beyond repair, I hate to say that, but when 93% of the senate votes to pass the NDAA, that completely rips apart the constitution, there is no hope. Also the big bankers that run our country and world don’t want Ron to win either. Do you think now, he will get elected, not a chance. I am voting for him, even if he doesn’t win the nomination, which he will not, I will write him in on my vote. We as a country are done folks, I have tried myself, to where I have almost have made myself sick, trying to get people to realize that the constitution still matters, no one even knows what it says. Almost everyone I talk to, who are considered (conservative) say they support the constitution, but don’t even know what it says. Until the people wake up, this won’t be changed. I would even go so far as saying the most people will fight for our current system. I will say that again, most people will fight to keep our current system. Sorry to ruin your day. God Bless.

    • Almost everyone I talk to, who are considered (conservative) say they support the constitution, but don’t even know what it says.

      When I told people that I was voting for Ron Paul in 1988, everyone—literally everyone, asked me, who’s that? Fast forward to today and no one asks me that question now.

      Ron Paul has consistently and stubbornly fought battle after battle pushing the ideas that this country was founded and built on. For all of these years, he has been picking up the pages that were ripped out of the Constitution and tossed in the trash. He dusted them off, put them in his folder and continued to insist that they were the law of the land. And you know what?

      For starters—many People are now aware that Article 1, § 8, Cl. 10, calls for the Legislature to Declare War.

      Mr. McCain did not give Mr. Paul the respect he has earned in 2008—if the GOP does not give Ron Paul the respect that he has earned, this time around, they have no idea of the magnitude of the force that stands before them. It just crossed my mind, that they are so clueless…they really may not see it.

      Well, as anyone who has ever studied battlefield tactics will tell you, the element of surprise, is a jump-start towards victory.

      We must do all we can to ensure the GOP Convention is brokered.

      T Kosciuszko

      A man, who cries after reading Mr. Jefferson’s words, is a wise man. A man, who values principles, values the words of Mr. Paul; for he does not waste his words.

  • robin

    Unfortunately Ted, election fraud has been going on for a very long time, but no one has done anything to change it. In fact, the electronic machines have made it even easier to change the results. No accident that we have gone in this direction. It makes me very upset, but until we get the American public to realize they are being disenfranchised, nothing will change and this country will go down. The only two mainstream journalists I’m aware of who still do investigative journalism are John Stossel and Ben Swann. Both are on Fox News. It seems rather ironic to me as Fox News is one of the biggest propaganda stations in the country. News now a days is either for entertainment, is completely distorted or not reported at all. (complete media blackout). We get our news from alternative sources and do our own independent research. Most people depend on other people to tell them what to think and believe. I will continue to pray that enough people across this country wake up, but it’s difficult when the media keeps us divided. I see it in the comments of non=Paul supporters that come to this blog. They don’t want to have an open dialogue, or see that they are also being disenfranchised. They don’t seem to realize that when Ron Paul is censored that it also affects every American in this country. That is what I am reminding everyone I know no matter who they are voting for and why I am voting for Ron Paul.

    • Ted

      I just want to say thank you Robin for the kind words of wisdom and to ease the inner tension that I am not alone on this subject matter. I am not what you would call a (young) Ron Paul backer, but I have looked around enough to see that there are others who are in the “40s” age group and beyond who feel the way yourself and I do…..”enough is enough”. When I see the percentage nembers on the news channels the last few months, I cannot hardly believe that the numbers reflect the real percentage votes. I am currently looking into participating in exit polls in my area to make damn sure at least try to see that every vote for RP is counted correctly. I have link to exit poll forms if any RP supporter may be interested. Peace

      • robin

        Yes, we would very much like to do that where we live. There are very few Ron Paul supporters where I live. I have to continue to have hope for the sake of my children and why we will write in Ron Paul if we have to. We will never compromise our beliefs to appease any party no matter what happens. This is why we are voting for Ron Paul because he can’t be bought and maintains integrity professionally and personally. Instead of talking about issues now, I am focusing on the voting process that affects everyone in this country. That’s what we all have in common=that we want our voice to count. You are absolutely correct that most of us don’t really know our own history or our Constitution. I am only beginning to understand myself, but we all have to do whatever we can. That’s all we can do. I pray daily for the future of our country and planet. Yes, it’s in people’s natures to stay in their comfort zones even if it isn’t in their best interests. People would prefer to remain in denial. It’s the process that many go through when someone dies. This is no different.

      • robin

        Yes, you notice they never discuss the folks that support Ron Paul who are over 40, or who have voted for another party. I have voted for 40 years and in that time, I have never felt such a sense of urgency that we need someone like Ron Paul to change the status quo. Most people won’t change until it affects them directly. I commend the youth and their enthusiasm and it is unfortunate to see so many people who try to make them sound like they are just hypnotized robots, while the rest of the people are awake and informed. I remember having the same enthusiasm at their age, but now I will do whatever I can to maintain my own personal integrity. That’s all any of us have control over. Jeff, you talk about the fact that people you know believe in the Constitution, but don’t really know what it means. That if they educated themselves, they would be up in arms what path we have taken. It has to do with the agenda in our schools. I used to be a teacher and I saw it firsthand. My eyes have opened as I have matured. People simply don’t know how to think critically or independently of the group mind. They need someone to tell them how to believe. It takes time and work to think for yourself and to be seekers of the TRUTH. Whenever I share with someone, I begin it with, “but you need to find out for yourself”. Peace…..

  • Ted

    It is a sad situation to do a search online concerning electonic voting and how easy it is for the current (governement system) to get selected (not elected) the person they choose. There is already concerns and some proof that the voting has already been rigged in the primary and caucus voting. Makes me very upset! In the near future if “we the people” do not put a stop to this growing military everything is against the law state we have been slipping into, there will be nobody able to state they’re opinion online or have the ability to search the web for the truth that you cannot find on TV news. It will all be blacked out and not available in the USA future if someone like Ron Paul is not elected to get it changed!!!

    • Surfisher

      Ron Paul is the only one who wants to restore our Freedoms and Prosperity (and get us out of the business of war making).

      The rest are for even more ‘people control’ ; see what FOX aired in this show: “Illegal Everything” — a Must See!

      Shows how Americans are “breaking” the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

      From the Nation with the most Freedoms in the civilized world, we have now become the one with the least!