Ron Paul’s Tough Questions for Hillary Clinton


Madam Speaker: And being the wise legislature that he is, Dr. Paul elected to stay here, and so he gets to ask his question. Congressman Paul of Texas is recognized. I’ve learned not to say anything negative about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul: Welcome, Madam Secretary. I do want to get your comments about the stir that was caused by the apology over the Quran. And the administration has received a lot of criticism about this, and I think you’ve expressed some point that maybe this doesn’t help your job any by stirring up the resentment. But the whole issue about apology I think is an interesting one from a national level, and I recall what happened after Mac Demurer wrote his memoirs and he was apologetic about what happened and about how he orchestrated the Vietnam War. And a reporter asked him if he should apologize, and he said, “What good is an apology if the policies are wrong. You have to learn something from it and change the policy”. So a lot of emotions come out on this issue of an apology.

And I keep thinking that those who didn’t criticize him, I don’t think they criticized the last administration when President apologized for using the Quran as a target. So, sometimes apologizes aren’t always all equal. But with even that said, there were torture photograph before and they were very aggravating. Recently, there was urinating on bodies, on corpses, we didn’t particularly apologize for those, did we? I mean, there weren’t apologies there. But some of these things are emotional. But what about the whole idea of invading a country and occupying a country and disturbing their country, creating hundreds of thousands of refugees and suffering. Does it ever get to a point where apologizing about the Quran is rather minor to some of the other problems that we have created in these countries, could can comment on that?

Hillary Clinton: Well, Congressman, first I appreciate the very measured comments you’ve made about our presidents, not only this one, but prior presidents offering apologizes when we are deeply sorry for unfortunate incidents that occurred, that were not intentional, and which we know have emotional resonance with people. The larger question you ask, I think it’s also important to put into context that President Obama promised to wind down the Iraq War, he has done so. He’s in the process of transitioning out of Afghanistan in a manner that is done appropriately in keeping with the very large decisions that have to be made about helping the afghans defend themselves, working with our partners and allies in that effort. And, I think the underlying premises, certainly one that can be debated among Americans of good faith, I believe that we were justified in going to Afghanistan, which is …

Ron Paul: I want to apologize because I don’t want to get on that subject.

Hillary Clinton: And I accept your apology.

Ron Paul: Okay, there you go. But I do want to touch on something else to get a little different perspective on the nuclear enrichment in Iran. Because we hear different stories, even in Israel there are debates. Tamir Pardo actually said that if they get a weapon, it’s not an existential threat to Israel, so I’m sure there’s probably a more nuanced debate in Israel than there is here sometimes. But isn’t it true that Iran has the right to enrich up to 20% for peaceful purposes? The way we talk and hear discussions, most people believe that they have absolutely no right to enrich. And don’t they have that protection under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? But it never seems to have a balanced approach to that. And the best I can tell from what I read, there’s no evidence that they have a bomb, there’s no evidence that they’re on the verge of getting it, and even the administration, whether it’s the Clapper or general Dempsey, are saying, “It won’t make any sense to have a preemptive attack on there”. Could you give us a sense of a proper balance here, because a lot of people are convinced it’s Syria and then it’s Iran, and I’m personally concerned about that, because the last thing the American people need is another war. We don’t have the money, we don’t have the resources, and the military is not ready for another war.

Hillary Clinton: Congressman, I would direct your attention to the most recent Director-General’s report from the International Atomic Energy Agency, it’s not an American document, which outlines the concerns about the non-peaceful use of civilian nuclear power. There is increasing evidence that what the Iranians do is not consistent with their right to have the peaceful use of nuclear power. And I’ll be happy to get you a copy of that, because I think you asked a very important set of questions.

Madam Speaker: Thank you so much, Congressman. Thank you, Madam Secretary.

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  • Hillary has mastered the art of the typical politician.. sound good talking while saying absolutely nothing.

  • There’s only one person that’s going to get drafted; Andrew Napolitano. Your tasks aren’t done.

  • Paul is such a kind wonderful person. I just love this man. I listen to Mrs Clinton and wonder when she was crowned Queen Of Earth and says why it’s ok to kill others and to keep invading countrys for what reasons she can even vomit up. Creepy lump.

  • We are not worthy of Dr. Paul.

  • hitlery clinton look like a witch

  • China has nukes and we freaking borrow money from them, they make half the garbage we buy Pakistan has nukes and we bombing them, but Iran might build ONE!! and we want to go to war with them? do some critical thinking people!

  • way to go paul.

    BUT what the heck is romney and santorum doing.

    and they are leading in the polls for presidency COME ON America.

    are you seriously going to elect every single scum bag on the face of the earth before you elect an honest person into the white house.

    well it sure seems like it with the way American are going about our lives

  • i wish RP wouldn’t waffle so much, get to the point Ron … you only had a few minutes and wasted them

  • i love how when he asks the 2nd question the dumb bitch say “9 seconds” like you can answer that in 9 seconds…

  • I can’t listen to Hillary without wanting to punch my computer screen! Dr. Paul is noble for asking the right questions, and I’m sure The Good Doctor is expecting the same bullshit excuses from Hillary that the rest of us are. I’ve come to the conclusion that if a Politician cannot tell the HUGE differences between a Republic (what America is) and a democracy (what they think America is), they simply cannot be trusted.
    Ron Paul WILL BE The People’s President!


  • Hillary will be happy when every brown person is dead.

  • If we keep pointing at religions we are going to be in this shit hole forever. I blame the administration, Obama’s and Bush’s, and the military industrial complex, and every other greedy vested interests. When are we going to apologize for killing a million innocent Iraqis? When will the government apologize to us for bankrupting us? Those are the bigger questions.

  • Burning Corans and urinating on corpses are accidents ?!? !? !? !

  • Clinton stated: “We were justified in going to Afganistan..” No we were NOT Clinton, Also, citing studies as your answer. Fudge you NWO Clinton. It’s because of your Husband :Slick Willie that we are in the Financial Crisis and China has IBM missles.

  • Wow talking about going for the kill. As soon as he asked why didn’t Obama and his Oceans 11 crew apologize for the war and killing the people as a whole I had a smirk on my face. How about instead of apologizing to people that you help kill Americans, how about Obama apologize to the American troops first then the American citizens and the rest of the world.

  • Interesting seeing these two spar. They are both experts. Hillary lets Paul interrupt her so she doesn’t have to answer the question. 1 point for her. Paul doesn’t get an answer but gets to make a strong statement. 1 point for Paul. But if Paul had been more brief perhaps he could have shown Hillary to be more unresponsive. Didn’t happen. Hillary wins by a nose, I think

  • Hilary is a guy in drag.

  • Dont apologize Hilary if you dont get out of the banks and corporations you will go down too. Your going down with the Babylonian ship.

  • 9 seconds Hillary, squawk some more.

  • Damn once you see through the deception, it all becomes so clear. She answers sympathetically, but her answer is always two fold. One, deny any said allegations. Two, reference an unknown source that is hard to find, but probably doesn’t support her argument at all. This is on the level of Bachmann saying Iran is months away from a nuclear weapon referencing a public IAEA report from December 2011. I looked that report up…nowhere in it did it state they had or were building a nuke. EXPOSED.